27 Incredibly Useful Household Decluttering Tricks And Tips

We all dream of having the perfect home. Now, what that means isn't the same for everyone. For some, it means a place that you can take with you, that has everything you need and not a bit more. For me? I'd love to just wake up one morning and have everything clean, tidy, and have a place for everything (with everything in its place, of course). But, as much as I wish, it's unlikely to happen without at least a little hard work on my part ... and organizing a house from scratch can be overwhelming!

But what if you had a whole arsenal of tips and tricks up your sleeve? Then, it would be easier to get a handle on getting things organized and keeping them that way. Luckily, you don't have to think up all these genius solutions on your own. All you have to do is read through this fairly comprehensive list to have everything in your home put away in the perfect place in no time.

1. Shoe caddies aren't just for shoes! Hang them over any door and use them to store what you need in that space, like cleaning products.

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2. Forget having to search for the edge of the tape roll and trying to scrape it free for ages. Just stick a paper clip at the end, and you'll be ready to roll next time.


3. Bungee cords keep balls in place in the garage.


4. Rather than tossing empty egg cartons, save them to use elsewhere in the kitchen. Stick them in the drawers to keep loose items organized.


5. Having to find a place for things you need, but practically never use is a huge annoyance. Save your cabinet space for stuff that you use often and install a shelf over the door for things that don't.


6. Next time you're at IKEA, pick up a bunch of these handy spice cans. They already have magnets on the back and can be kept attached to the fridge.


7. It's common practice to fold your shirts and pile them in, but keeping them stored vertically is actually a way to save time and space. Vertically, you can easily see everything, and they're easier to get to.


8. These baskets will keep your freezer tidy and help you fit more in a small space. Bonus? They're easily found at the dollar store.

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9. Rather than guess which cord is which each time, label them!



10. Remember the IKEA suggestion a few tips back? Well, if you're already going to the store, pick up this storage system. It's made for the kitchen, but it can be used anywhere you need to keep small things organized ... that's basically every room, right?

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11. Wooden rails mean doing away with unused ceiling space and maximizing storage space. 

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12. Pegboards are for more than just hanging up tools. They can be used on every wall of the garage (and inside the house, too). Use them to hang up helmets, sporting equipment, and even bikes.


13. Rather than buying a big, ugly drying rack that will take up floor space, hang a cute ladder from the ceiling and use hooks to hang your wet laundry.

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14. A magnetic board can be used to hang up important papers ... or even your makeup! Just stick magnetic tape to the back of each product.

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15. Don't use towel rods to hang towels on; instead, hang baskets that can hold multiple towels, shampoo, conditioner, and more.


16. Adhere a cheap magazine holder to the inside of your bathroom cabinet, and use it to store styling tools like curling irons.


17. Store your sheet sets inside the matching pillowcase. It keeps sheets tidy, and you'll never have to search for ones that match.

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18. Buy a cheap tension rod at the store, and fit it in the cabinet below your kitchen sink. Hang all necessary spray bottles to make more room for the other cleaning products below.

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19. Rather than keeping all your condiments in a cluster, put them on a lazy Susan and keep them handy.



20. Have too many clothes? Hang all items of clothing backwards in your closet. After you've worn something, replace it the right way. At the end of the year, anything left hanging backwards has to go!


21. Keep trash from floating around your car with a plastic cereal container lined with a bag to serve as a trash can.


22. Metallic grooming tools like tweezers and nail clippers can be stored using small magnets in the medicine cabinet.


23. Always find the right lid for your pots and pans with this clever metal organizer.


24. Tension rods make the perfect spaces for sliding serving platters, cutting boards, and more into place.


25. An old window shutter can be painted and hung inside to hold all your favorite magazines.


26. Rather than buying an expensive pedestal for your new front loading washer and dryer, make one that's actually functional. This one keeps everything sorted and ready to wash.

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27. Keep bracelets and necklaces all in one place without sacrificing aesthetic value by making a cute holder out of a wooden box and old glass bottles.


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