27 Kids Who Look Startlingly Like Their Moms

Mother's Day is all about celebrating Mom (and all the other special maternal figures in your life). Maybe that means cooking her breakfast in bed, creating her a great handmade gift, or making sure she wakes up to a sparkling, clean house. No matter how you show Mom you love her, it's great to have a day dedicated especially to saying it. 

But, as any mom will tell you, children really are their own reward. Yes, it's great to be recognized for all they do, but moms love their kids in a way that no one but a parent can understand. That deep, primal, unconditional love, plus their (mostly) sweet kid, is something that makes every day better. And even more fun is recognizing your own behaviors in your kid. Maybe they take after you in the way they walk or their expressive hand gestures when they talk. Or, in the case of these 27 lucky moms, your kids end up looking like carbon copies of their mother.

1. Same dress ... different baby?

Jennifer Thompson

"My daughter and me at 4 months old, in the same dress."

2.  Big eyes and sweet smiles make mother and son look so alike.

Carrie Biney

"Me and my youngest son. I was a year old and he was 5 months, but he was a big boy — so that’s when he was the size of one-year-old me."

3. Happiness must be an inheritable trait.

Wara Karim

"My daughter and me (both of us were around 2 years old)."

4. These two look like twins, especially with the matching long, blonde hair.

Laura Hall

"Here is me at 3.5 years old, and my daughter Freya at the same age."

5. The color scheme might be different, but those faces are exactly the same.

Melissa Glover

"Color picture of my daughter (8 years old), black-and-white picture of me (9 years old)."

6. Easily excitable - like mother, like daughter!

Carla Giblin

"I’m on the left, my daughter is on the right."

7. Hairstyles and clothing trends may change, but the faces in this family seem to stay the same.

Rhonda Vaughn

"My daughter and me, both in second grade."

8. Cute smiles and curly hair all around!

Cathy Patrowic

"Me on the left at about 2 years old, and my daughter at the same age on the right."

9. This almost-identical duo proves it's not just mothers and daughters who look alike.

Nicole Morrison Kirsch

"My son and me, both at 9 years old."


10. This just shows that fake nature backgrounds will never go out of style where school pictures are concerned. 

Leah Jones Eckblad

"Me and my son."

11. Same. Exact. Smile.

Markell Marler Lyng

"My daughter on the left, me on the right! Strangely everyone thinks she looks like my husband, not me."

12. This mom and daughter are the same, even down to the hairdo.

Erin Goodrich

"Me on the left and my daughter Charley on the right, at 18 months."

13. Looking off to the side? Check. Clasped hands? Check. Same face and expression? Check.

Tara Lynn Parsons

"Me on the left and my son on the right."

14. The blond, curly hair is the easiest shared trait to pick out, but, look closer, and their faces are almost identical, too.

Susanna Tunberg

"Me and my son (on the right)."

15. The similarities are even more striking when you make two pictures into one composite image.


No caption needed!

16. Blue eyes, blonde hair, and adorable smiles make this son a dead ringer for his own mother. 

Kathryn Leigh

"That’s me on the left when I was around 1 year old and my son on the right when he was almost 1."

17. The glasses are different, but the faces? The same!

Paulette Weleski

"This is me and my daughter at about the same age."

18. Years have passed, photographs have changed, but it looks like the babies in this family stayed the same.

Marcie Morris

"Me and my son at 18 months!"

19. This mom definitely passed down her penchant for wide-eyed expressions to her adorable son.

Beth Kim

"Me at about 6 months and my son Martin at 8 months."


20. Here comes the ... identical flower girls?

Lainey Laferriere

"My daughter (2 in 2014) and me (2 in 1984) as flower girls in my cousin’s (2014) and my aunt’s (1984) weddings, respectively. Even similar dresses!"

21. All this proves is that being scared by Santa is basically a rite of passage.

Lorrie Guindon

"Here is a picture of me at age 2 on the left, and my daughter at 22 months on the right. Same place. Possibly the same Santa :)"

22. Mom clearly passed down the ability to strike the perfect model pose.

Sahar Zardkoohi

"Me on the left and my son on the right, both at 18 months!"

23. I'm not convinced that's not the same baby as in the photo!

Katie-Lynn Reale Morgan

"Me and my daughter."

24. The easiest way to tell mom and daughter apart? The obligatory appearance of Frozen clothing is only a recent trend.

Sarah Stahley Merritt

In case you're still wondering, mom's on the left and daughter is on the right.

25. "When he was born, everyone kept saying that I made myself."

Crystal Goddard

"My son on the left and me on the right; both around 4 months old."

26. These toddlers look like twins, but they're actually mother and son!

April Green

"This is me (on the left) and my son (on the right) both at 2.5 years old."

27. The placement of the bow has changed, but the faces stayed the same!

Tarah Brown

"My daughter’s preschool picture came home and I knew it looked very familiar! (She’s on the left at 4 years old, and I’m on the right at 5)."

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H/T: Huffington Post

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