28 Photos That Prove You Never Know What's Really Going On Beneath The Water's Surface

If you've got travel fever, you probably daydream about beautiful beach vistas and gazing out into the horizon where the sky meets the sand. But you're missing half the picture - when you just take a quick peek at what's under the water, your daydreams double in their awesomeness. Check out these half-land, half-sea photos and get ready for some serious oohs and ahhs.

1. Papua New Guinea

Wow, just look at those beautiful corals. The abundance of life beneath the waves is simply stunning, and we as humans really need to do more to keep this biodiversity intact, so that future generations can also enjoy it.

2. Andaman Islands, India

Oh my gosh. Can you imagine being able to take a dip in those beautiful, clear, blue waters with this gentle giant? Elephants are revered throughout India. Sadly, however, not all of them are treated as kindly as this one. 

3. Mare Island, New Caledonia

Whoa! What an incredible action shot! It appears this fisherman has launched himself from his canoe with his spear in hand. His precision at being able to spear a fish swimming away from him in mid-air is insanely impressive. 

4. Jellyfish Lake, Palau

These delicately floating beauties pack quite a wallop with their stingers, but they really are beautiful aren't they? Jellyfish Lake is, as the name suggests, absolutely teeming with countless jellyfish.

5. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Who else wants to go to that cave? Zanzibar is such an exotic-sounding locale to begin with, but that cave just seems so full of mystery. And any place that has turtles like this at beaches this gorgeous is alright in my book.

6. Fiji

Does everyone have a friend with a boat but me? I've literally always hoped I'll make a friend who owns a boat and they'll take me out on the water all the time. No such luck as of yet, but applications for being said friend remain open. If you're reading this, it could be you!

7. Raja Ampat Islan, Indonesia

Oh my gosh! The contrast between the two scenes is so dramatic. The cloudy skies and still air up above, and the countless fish in frenzied activty just below. 

8. The Everglades, Florida

My, what big teeth you have! I've always found it fascinating that, while alligators can exert hundreds of pounds of downward force with their jaws (enough to snap limbs like twigs), the upward/opening strenth is so low that their jaws can be kept shut with just a little tape.

9. Magdalen Islands, Canada

The Magdalen Islands are located off the Northeastern coast of Canada. Despite the cold, these photos show us that there's still plenty of life in the water.


10. Spain

Hey, not everything under the water is always something that lives there! It's a well-known fact that wherever there is significant beauty, there will be tourists.

11. France

There's just something about this shot that screams out "magic" to me. As if there were fairies riding salamanders through these mossy depths. You know what? I'd totally read that book.

12. Eilat, Israel

I don't know about you, but seeing all of these images really makes me want to take up sciba diving. There's a whle other world out there just waiting to be revealed. 

13. Iceland

Iceland has a truly unique landscape, full of dramatic valleys and volcanic activity (the country is home to several active volcanoes). Is it any surprise that their waterways would be the same?

14. Green Lake, Austria

Austria's Grüner See (literally "Green Lake") gets its name, rather obviously, from its emerald-green waters. During the winter, the lake is only about 3-7 feet deep, but the melting snows in spring fill it up to reach a depth of nearly 40 feet. 

15. Sipadan Island, Malaysia

Another shot that shows two dramatic sides of life. On top, a serene, sunny day and a lush green island in the background. Underneath, a school of hundreds of silvery fish.

16. Crystal River, Florida

Several places in southern Florida are home to manatees. Sadly, many of these creatures are injured each year by passing boats, as they are too slow to move out of the way. 

17. Argentina

Yikes! That's the kind of image that's been used for decades now in marine-themed horror films, including everyone's favorite - Jaws. Thankfully, the behemoth in this photo is a whale who is much more benign. 

18. Switzerland

The water under the ice is so dark! This is because the ice blocks out a significant portion of the sunlight reaching the water.

19. Laguna de Los Burros, Mexico

"Oh hi! I didn't see you there! How nice of you to pop in!"

20. Mediterranean Sea, France

Wow. The sheer magnitude of these cliffs is awe-inspiring. Imagine exploring the caves under these waters, how cool would that be?


21. Danko Island, Antarctica

It's like a real-life version of Happy Feet! Beyond the obvious cuteness, this photo also shows that it's true what they say - 90% of an iceberg is underwater.

22. Flores Sea, Indonesia

More reefs! Seriously, I really need to learn to scuba dive. These are just too beautiful!

23. Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy

What a beautiful photograph! It's got drama, intrigue, the perfect play between light and dark - I could easily see this being a movie poster. 

24. Smalblaar River, South Africa

Looks like someone's caught themselves a fish on the line! Looks like a rather fine trout of some sort if I'm not mistaken (though I'm hardly an expert).

25. Cuba

Wet forests with dense root structures such as these are known as mangroves, and they're usually absolutely teeming with life.

26. Nuweiba, Egypt

Beachgoers beware: watch where you swim. It'd be terrible to have your day ruined by the sting from one of these guys, beautiful as they are.

27. Palawan Island, Philippines

Oh my gosh, I just want to dive right into those cool blue waters, then have a picnic on the beach in the distance.

28. Shark Park, South Africa

Yikes! Unlike the last photo, this is a location I definitely don't want to go diving into.

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