3 Brilliant Ways To Turn Dollar Tree Products Into High End Decor

We all daydream of completely refurbishing our house and adding only the finest pieces of furniture and art. It's nice to think about, but it probably won't be a reality for most of us. Unless you're the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you probably have to decorate your house on a budget. But, that doesn't mean you can't have something fancy every once in a while - you just need to be a little creative about it. 

Katherine from Do It On A Dime knows a thing or two about being creative. Her YouTube channel specializes in inexpensive DIY projects that will up the value of your house in a heartbeat. Today, she wants to show you how to take a few cheap items from the Dollar Tree and turn them into high-end products that even a Fortune 500 CEO would be jealous of. 

The video shows how to make three different projects: a picture frame lantern, a tiered succulent bowl, and candle holders. Each project is made using items found at the Dollar Tree. My personal favorite is the picture frame lantern because it looks like something from a Disney movie. All you need are four 5x7 picture frames, hot glue, and either flowers or a candle for your centerpiece. It's incredibly easy to make and the result is really unique. All three of these projects are worth trying out for yourself if you have the time. If you do, make sure to be safe and have fun! 

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H/T: DoItOnADime

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