3 Sisters Battling Cancer At The Same Time Receive A Truly Special Surprise

Mar 13, 2016

Katie, Cassie, and Kristal were as close as any sisters could be when they were growing up. Years later, the three remain inseparable well into adulthood, but never forgot the hardships they endured when they were young.

It was 20 years ago when their mother, Ellen, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The disease took its toll on both Ellen and her family, and it coincided with the loss of their father and home. Much of their childhood was clouded in the despair of their situation, but things eventually did get better. Ellen's cancer ultimately went into remission, and the family was able to pick up the pieces and resume a normal life.

In 2014, the family was going through a similar crisis that once again involved cancer. This time, it was all three daughters that were battling the disease. At the age of 30, Katie was diagnosed with bowel cancer. The treatment was debilitating as she required chemotherapy treatment, and it was taking a serious toll on her body. Just as things were starting to look better, Cassie and Kristal were both diagnosed with breast cancer. Within the short span of six weeks, all three were battling for their lives.

The sisters' mother, as well as their husbands and children, did whatever was necessary to help them along the way, but it's easy to be overwhelmed when all three siblings are in such a state of distress. This was when Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O heard about their plight. The duo knew they had to do something to help, so they arranged for the sisters to attend a special movie screening in their honor.

H/T: KIIS 1065

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