3-year-old Gymnast Leaves Everyone Stunned After Appearing On Ellen's Show

We love reading stories of young people who do amazing things. So many children have extraordinary talent, and it is our honor to share their work with you. One of my personal favorites is this young man, who programmed every aspect of his dorm room to be completely automatic. The point is, you're never too young to do something remarkable. That's a lesson that one three-year-old prodigy knows all too well. 

Emma is a toddler, and has only been doing gymnastics for six months, but she showed such a natural ability that word started getting out about how talented she was. Eventually, she was discovered by Ellen DeGeneres who brought the little tyke on her show for a demonstration. But what happened next shocked Ellen and everyone else who was watching. 

The three-year-old started off on a high bar, where she pulled herself up with a series of very impressive maneuvers. After that, she climbed her way down on a mat, showing off her flexibility with some stretches and tumbling. Emma then did a very impressive handstand that transitioned into a full split. Already, the audience was impressed, but this tiny gymnast was just beginning. She got off the mat and hopped on a trampoline where she performed a few backflips that left Ellen and her audience with a huge smile on their faces. Ellen was so impressed that she rewarded Emma with an enormous supply of candy. As any kid could tell you, no trophy could ever be better.  

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H/T: The Ellen Show

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