30 Impressive Ways To Reuse Stuff You're About To Throw Out

If you haven't joined the great trend of upcycling, you are definitely missing out! A hybrid of "recycling" and "upgrading", upcycling takes everything old and makes it new again by reusing parts, leftovers or sometimes even refuse, and re-imagining it as a brand new product. It's not only great for the environment and good for your wallet but it also produces charmingly rustic, one-of-a-kind creations with far more soul than their mass-produced counterparts. Check out this list and feel the inspiration...

1. This ladder had higher aspirations to become a bookshelf.

If you’d just like to purchase this nifty contraption, visit the Naturally Cre8tive store on Etsy.


2. These spare chairs found out they could hold more than dinner guests during the day.


3. This two-liter bottle didn’t want to be trash. It wanted to sweep up trash.


4. These old bottles set the mood perfectly as pendant lighting.


5. You are only one hot glue gun and dozens of disposable spoons away from the perfect chandelier.


6. Kick up your deck a notch with a cool kids’ table made with old skateboard decks.


7. This old glove turns into a chipmunk like an adorable magic trick.


8. You can make a bookshelf with just the book.

Real Simple

9. Those old bottle caps have a second life as tea candles.



10. This piano is now the hippest bookshelf on the block.

TGM Design

11. These wrenches didn’t get bent out of shape when they turned into wall hooks. It suits them just fine.


12. Even when the toilet paper is gone, those old TP tubes can still be useful.


13. You need this upcycle like a sink needs a bicycle.

Benjamin Bullins

14. That old CD case is practically begging to hold bagels.


15. Glass marbles bring a little color and whimsy to a simple fence. 

Garden Drama

16. Your old computer towers can be retired to receive your snail mail.

The Zooom

17. Packs of hangers make a funky room divider.

Design Boom

18. This device lets you try out credit cards, or anything else, as a guitar pick.


19. Should you find yourself in the possession of another old piano and a delightfully quaint garden...

Twisted Sifter

20. These converted lightbulbs make modern gas lights.

Looks Like Good Design

21. Building this simple clock won’t grind your gears.


22. This funky drum set chandelier brings the rock every night.



23. Inside your favorite old cassette could be a coin purse. 


24. These couches bring new meaning to the term “half-bath”.


25. Rest your travelin’ feet on this vintage suitcase chair.

See Kate Sew

26. These glass bottles make a perfectly beachy kitchen chandelier.


27. Nothing is on TV anyway. Turn it into an aquarium for the most relaxing programming ever.


28. Woven soda tabs can easily be turned into a chainmail purse.


29. These bowler hats make for theatrical pendant lamps.

Graham and Green

30. Transforming tennis rackets into mirrors adds a sporty look to a colorful room.

Country Living

Credit: BoredPanda

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