30 Unique Wreaths To Make This Holiday Season

As far as Christmas decorations go, wreaths are often overlooked. There’s so much fuss about the tree and lights that everyone forgets about wreaths. After all, they’re not very exciting. A bit of greenery, maybe a few red berries … it’s one of those things you could take or leave.

However, these 30 funky and festive wreaths are a step above what usually hangs on your front door. Some make great gifts, others would look best placed throughout your home, but either way, you won’t be able to pick just one! 

1. Picture Perfect Wreath 

Blue Cricket Design

Blue isn’t a traditional Christmas color, but next to the paper-mache ornaments, it really pops. See how it all came together here

2. Ribbon Wreath 


You’ll need to learn how to tie the bow, but it will be a skill you can use all holiday season.

3. Paper Flower Wreath 

love, pomegranate house

Choose colors that match your decorations or house, then get crafting.

4. Candy Cane Wreath 

all you need is christmas

Nothing says Christmas quite like candy canes. Pick up a box or two, then follow these directions.

5. Knitting Wreath 

Tuscany Design

This one makes a great gift for knitting lovers. Once the season is over, they can take it down and re-use the yarn. See how she did it here.

6. Shining Star Wreath

Little Birdie Secrets

Running low on time? This wreath can be made in a matter of minutes.

7. Pine Cone Wreath 

Do It Yourself Divas

Clean up your yard and bam – you have the cheapest wreath ever.

8. Modern Wreath

Home Depot

Old pipes and spray paint create a modern and unexpected look. HGTV has the tutorial here.

9. Wine Cork Wreath

Good Housekeeping

Wine aficionados will love receiving this gift. Here’s how to make it happen. 

10. Personalized Letter Wreath

Our Unexpected Journey

You can find the letters and faux berries at any craft store. Best of all, it looks great all winter long! See more here.


11. Clothes Pin Wreath 

Gwenny Penny

This doubles as a place to hang pictures or Christmas cards. Supply list and tutorial here.

12. Ornament Wreath 

Dump a Day

If you don’t have any extras lying around, you can pick up a box of colorful balls for just a few dollars. Then, get ready to glue.

13. Burlap Wreath

Craftaholics Anonymous

It’s rustic and stylish – see how to easy it is to recreate here.

14. Felt Wreath 

burlap + blue

You can’t go wrong with ombre, but the colors are completely up to you. Here’s the tutorial.

15. Minimalist Wreath

Better Homes and Gardens

The holidays are already crazy, so why not keep it simple? All you need are some yarn and extra decorations.

 16. Photograph Wreath 

The Crafting Chicks

This one makes a great gift for the grandparents. It’s so easy to make, even the kids can help.

17. Santa Claus Wreath 

Mally Kally Creations

It’s bound to be the jolliest wreath in the neighborhood! See how to make it here.

18. Wrapping Paper Wreath 

Happy Clippings

Put your wrapping paper scraps to good use with this cute and crafty wreath. Happy Clippings has the directions.

19. Tech Wreath


Tech geeks would love hanging this on their front door or receiving it as a gift. See more on Reddit.

20. Card Holder Wreath 

Martha Stewart 

Where to put all the Christmas cards? You guessed it … on a wreath! See how here


21. Marshmallow Wreath 

tater tots and jello

It’s quirky and delicious. Gather your favorite candy for a personal touch, then follow these directions.

22. Satin Ribbon Wreath 

All Things Handmade

So shiny and beautiful. View the DIY here.

23. Wood Slice Wreath 


Cut your own wood slices, or pick some up at your local craft store. This is one project sure to please.

24. Snowflake Wreath 

Better Homes and Gardens

Pick these glitter snowflakes up at the Dollar Store, then simply glue them together.

25. Cinnamon Stick Wreath

Better Homes and Gardens

Looks and smells good! See how here.

26. Metallic Wreath 

Papier D’Amour

Pine cones and spray paint come together for an incredibly classy look. See more on Pinterest.

27. Dyed Corn Husk Wreath 

Martha Stewart

This one adds a fun pop of pink to the holidays, but you can use any color you like. Directions here.

28. Peacock Wreath 


Don’t worry, you won’t have to pluck a peacock – you can find these feathers at any craft store. Then, follow these simple instructions.

29. Jolly Holly Wreath 

Croissant and Lavender

It looks like cookie cutters, but this wreath is made out of construction paper. See more here.

30. Lily Grass Wreath 

Better Homes and Gardens

It’s a classic look, with an untraditional material. Just follow these directions

Happy crafting! 

Via: Tip Hero 

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