34 Creative Halloween Costumes For Babies

Halloween is right around the corner, but it isn’t too late to start working on an awesome costume for your little one. Here are 34 babies whose costumes are sure to inspire you to create something great for your child to trick-or-treat in.

1. e=mc^2 ... The "c" stands for "candy."

Katie McCoy

2. Look at this Cutie.

Betsy Viray Johnson

3. This young starlet wanted to imitate the great Elton John.

Mary Ballard

4. I hope he can do the signature walk.

Tracy Bestavros

5. The hippest baby on the block.

Kat Robb

6. I don't remember Princess Leia having a sword ...


7. Giant music box.

Brooke Beyfuss-Powell

8. You can't stand on one leg all the time.

Sarah Mikkelsen

9. I wonder if he keeps his candy in there too.


10. Biker Baby is ready for the road.

Khanh Le

11. So. Many. Feathers.



12. This is what happens when your parents are English teachers.


13. She looks spot on.


14. Her dad should dress up as Mr. Peanut.

Noelle Elliot

15. Combine bath time with trick-or-treating for maximum efficiency.

Brooke Beyfuss-Powell

16. Look at these two monkeying around.

Pat Dolan

17. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Candy.

Jesse Walsh

18. Where's his Buzz?

Amber Fu

19. Raggedy Ann's hair is on point.

Katie Johnson

20. This peacock is showing off his feathers.

Elsje Harker

21. Octobaby.

Romany Arend

22. This is too perfect.

Karena Quesada-Leon

23. Her miniature walker makes it.

Karla Dunn


24. "Did I do that?"


25. He'll have to lose all that candy-weight.

Lisa Baker

26. I think Elvis is trying to eat the microphone ...

Lisa Brown

27. Being a baby lumberjack is hard work.

Jordan Archambeau

28. Toad from Mario Kart is cruising through the neighborhood.

Shannon De Almo

29. He even has a Snoopy.

Kathryn Wendling

30. Olaf's carrot nose looks more like a unicorn’s horn.

Craig St. John

31. That's one big slice of pizza.

Patty Davis

32. That lobster is too cute to eat.


33. Saving the world really takes it out of you.

Holly Crain

34. The bubbles are a cool touch.

Erin Rodgers

Via: Huffington Post

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