34 Pictures Of The Universe That Will Make You Feel Really, Really Small

Maybe you're cursing out the chilly weather. Maybe you're leaving snarky reviews of a place you visited that wasn't up to snuff. It's easy to get ho-hum about the earth. I mean, it's awe-inspiring when you're at the beach or the Grand Canyon, but it's easy to take Earth for granted in your day to day life. Check out this gallery of inspiring universe photos.

1. This crazy blue marble.


Our planet really is uniquely beautiful, isn't it? Seen from here, all the petty problems of our daily lives seem so trivial.    

2. Meet the neighbors.

Fox News

Our planet is located in a pretty nice part of the galaxy, and all of our neighbors are pretty quiet. Remember when Pluto was a planet?

3. The distance between the earth and the moon.

Waxing Apocalyptic

This image is scaled to reflect the size of the solar system. It doesn't look like all that much, does it?

4. Here it is again.

Waxing Apocalyptic

That's right! In that space, which seems relatively tiny in the previous image, you could fit every planet in the solar system. Crazy, right?

5. We're pretty small.

Astronomy Central

Keep in mind, we're the tiny planet in our solar system. That green smudge is what North America would look like on Jupiter.

6. Earth vs. Saturn

Astronomy Central

Speaking of size, you could fit nearly six of our planet in Saturn's rings. 

7. Here's what Saturn's rings would look like if they were around Earth.


What??? I'm so jealous of Saturn now. I used to think our sky was absolutely beautiful, but now... I can't help but be slightly bummed that we don't have rings.

8. Comet vs. Los Angeles

Mental Floss

Back in 2014, mankind landed a probe on a comet known as Comet 67P/C-G. Just for perspective, here's what it looks like, compared with Los Angeles.

9. And to keep in mind how huge our sun is...


Goodness, gracious, great ball of fire!

10. The view from the moon.


Seriously, just look at that beautiful blue orb. All of us need to look at this image and realize we're all on that planet together, and we need to keep it intact.

11. View from Mars.


Whoa! The Earth looks like a speck of sand when seen from Mars. There could be a day in the future when mankind sees exactly this view from their new home.

12. We're just a little blue dot from Saturn.


It really does make you feel tiny and insignificant, doesn't it?


13. And we are super unimpressive from Neptune.


We may as well be practically invisible to Neptune. I feel like that's one of those planets that's just shrouded in mystery.

14. The Sun compared to Earth.

Astronomy Central

The view of the Earth against the sun is intense-- the whole sun doesn't even fit in the photo.

15. Sunset on Mars.


Here is how the sun looks from Mars. I have to say, our sunsets are definitely, much, much prettier. Did you know that the twilight colors are a result of light refracting off the dust in our air? 

16. There are a lot of stars out there.

National Geographic

It's hard to wrap your mind around the fact that there are more stars in space than grains of sand on every beach on Earth.

17. Our huge Sun is actually pretty tiny.


Remember that photo showing how huge our sun is compared to us? It looks practically wimpy in contrast to the other stars.

18. Just to clear up how huge VY Canis Majoris is:


Here is the VY Canis Majoris. It's a billion times bigger than our sun. Literally.

19. Here's some more perspetive:


If you shrank the sun down to the size of a white blood cell and shrank the Milky Way galaxy to the same scale, the Milky Way would be the size of the United States.

20. Here's the "you are here" pin from the Milky Way.


So THAT'S where are!

21. Makes you think... 


Can you believe it? Imagine if we could see the whole thing at once? I think it might so beautiful it'd drive us insane.

22. In case you forgot, we're tiny.


To top it off, the Milky Way is a relatively small galaxy compared to IC 1011, 350 million light years away from Earth.

23. An image of our universe.


Just in this Hubble telescope photo, there are thousands of galaxies, each containing planets and millions of stars.

24. UDF 423 galaxy.


This galaxy is 10 billion light-years away from earth. You are looking billions of years into the past in this photo.


25. By the way, that image of the universe earlier?

Yep, it's just a small, small fraction of the night sky. The vastness of space is truly incomprehensible to us.

26. And to keep it creepy, here's the Earth's orbit compared to a black hole.

McDonald Observatory

Who else can't help but think of Interstellar whenever you hear about black holes now? Seriously, what a great movie!

27. This is your home.

Andrew Z. Colvin

So it puts your struggles in perspective. 

28. Not so big anymore, huh?

Andrew Z. Colvin

I like how this diagram gives the proper illustration of space and the planetary orbits of our solar system - in three dimensions. 

29. Beautiful night in the neighborhood.

Andrew Z. Colvin

Comparing the size of our sun to other stars is like comparing a B or C-list celebrity to the likes of Anthony Hopkins.

30. Even farther out.

Andrew Z. Colvin

Our galaxy is simply beautiful and incredibly large.

31. The cluster of other galaxies.

Andrew Z. Colvin

Our galaxy is actually one of the more mid-sized galaxies in our local galactic neighborhood, which is itself part of the larger Virgo Supercluster. 

32. Zooming out to the Virgo Supercluster.

Andrew Z. Colvin

Just when you think we couldn't be smaller, you see that even our local galactic group is one of the smaller ones in our universe. 

33. Superclusters are massive collections of galactic groups.

Andrew Z. Colvin

There are roughly 10 million observable superclusters out there.

34. Here we are. The observable universe.

Andrew Z. Colvin

Our supercluster is just one, tiny, tiny snowflake in a blizzard of galactic superclusters that form our observable universe. Mind you, that's the observable universe, i.e. what we've seen so far. There's still so, so much left undiscovered.

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H/T: BuzzFeed

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