37 Hilarious And Safe April Fools' Day Pranks For The Whole Family

Mar 30, 2015

April Fools’ Day happens each year on the first of April, and is customarily a day meant to play harmless pranks on those around you. The origins of the celebration are said to date back all the way to the 1300s, with influences from the Roman festival of Hilaria, the festival of Holi in India, and the Medieval celebration of the Feast of Fools. Every generation of various cultures loves a good, innocent prank. Here are some safe and hilarious ones that you can play on your kids, family and close friends.

1. Fake milk spilled all over your kid’s laptop.


2. A “grilled cheese sandwich” that is actually pound cake and colored icing.

The Sphors Are Multiplying 

3. Fake ice cream that’s really mashed potatoes and gravy.

Bake at 350 

4. Tell your family that you baked “Brown-E’s.”

Mrs. Goff’s Pre-K Tales 

5. Make your kids have a strange ride to school.

Pop Hangover 

6. Fill your kid’s shoes with toilet paper, then slyly remark that they must have grown overnight. 

Mike Spohr via BuzzFeed

7. Make some frozen cereal.

Kids Activities Blog 

8. Make a ketchup bottle squirt out red string.

All For The Boys 

9. Sew your kid’s socks closed. 

Mike Spohr via BuzzFeed 

10. Fake chocolate chip cookies made out of mashed potatoes and beans.


11. Put a “for sale” sign in front of your house.

Think Panama via Flickr 

12. Give your kids a healthy lollipop.

The Decorated Cookie


13. Tell your kid the principal called about them.

Paramount Pictures 

14. Take a photo of a family member “floating,” then show it to your kid and tell them that people are learning to fly.


15. Use tape to cover the TV remote’s infrared blaster.

Pen and Paper Flowers 

16. Block off your kid’s shampoo bottle.

Mike Spohr via BuzzFeed

17. Put a plastic animal in the mailbox. 

Bunny Food via Tumblr 

18. Put a few drops of food coloring in your kid’s bowl of cereal. When they pour milk over it, their breakfast will start to look really strange.


19. Take some dye pellets and put them under your faucet cap.

Texas Monkey 

20. Make a “chicken pot pie” with pudding and candy.

Making Memories With Your Kids

21. Switch the bags between your kid’s boxes of cereal.

Tara Whitsitt via Flickr 

22. Change all the setting of your kid’s trackpad or mouse so that up is down and left is right.

Eirik Solhelm via Flickr 

23. Set a screenshot of your kid’s favorite iPad app as full screen image and hand it to them.

Mike Spohr via BuzzFeed 

24. “Hide” some fake money in a book.

Mother’s Home

25. Pack an interesting lunch.

My Mix of 6


26. Make your kids some juice that is really Jell-O.

Jill Dubien 

27. Put some gelatin into your kid’s glass of milk.

Ben and Birdy 

28. Take some clear nail polish and cover a bar of soap with it.

Lady Create-a-lot 

29. Switch your kids into different beds while they are sleeping.

Alon Banks via Flickr 

30. Wear a ridiculous wig when you pick up your kids from school.

DJ Camacho via Flickr 

31. Give your kids these doughnut seeds.

Static Spoonful 

32. Tell your family that you bought them all iPads.


33. Or tell someone that you bought them an iPhone.

Everyday Kiss 

34. Replace the contents of Cheetos bags with baby carrots.

Eric Schmuttenmaer via Flickr 

35. Make some fake candied apples with onions.


36. Use superglue to attach a couple of coins to the ground outside.

J.P. Stanley via Flickr 

37. Make this surprise cake.

No Way Girl 

Credit: BuzzFeed

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