38 Weeks After He Spotted These Insects, A Man Saw This Happening. I'm Glad He Had His Camera.

The praying mantis gets such a bad rap. Sure, the female of the species might be a notoriously bad date (they have a bit of a cannibalism habit after mating), but deep down, they've got a killer maternal instinct. Check out this Reddit user's photos of the exotic little mantis babies being born.

Here is the mother-to-be, laying her eggs.

All of these sacs contain 40-100 little tiny eggs.

35 weeks later, the egg sacs hatch.

The little tiny mantis babies are actually really cute.


They even have a cute name: "nymphs."

Look at these little guys.

They explore around their hatching ground. As they grow, they will develop wings and their sex is determined.

They'll also develop a hardened exoskeleton.


Hard to believe that they are such good hunters. They can actually take down snakes and frogs.

Mantises are such bug killers that farmers use them as natural pest control in their fields.

Here they are, surveying their post.

They look like little cartoons.

Happy birthday, little fella.

Credit: Reddit

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