4-Year-Old Girl's Birthday Wish To Take A Cop Out To Lunch Comes True

When I was a little boy, one of the most common answers me or my friends would give about what we'd like to be when we grew up is "policeman." For boys, in particular, the allure of being a cop is pretty easy to understand: cops are supposed to be tough and heroic while fighting bad guys and enforcing justice. Plus, they get to have sweet Ray Bans and shoot real guns! It's no wonder every kid wants to be a cop at some point.

These days, when you mention the word "police" to people, there are some mixed reactions. I'm not going to comment on the real or perceived nature of this controversy (as it'd be way too much to get into), but I will say it makes me sad that a few widely publicized incidents have given so many people an unfairly negative view of law enforcement. It's unfortunate because, honestly, there are so many great officers out there who are truly doing their best to serve their community in a positive way. That's why I always love seeing stories of these everyday heroes getting the recognition they deserve. 

Recently, Officer Mark Waggamon from West Virginia went viral on Facebook after he helped a 4-year-old girl with an unusual birthday wish: she wanted to take a policeman out for lunch. Little JadeLynn Hoskinson Gross just loves cops and her dream birthday was to have a lunch date with an officer. Tara Murphy, a local nurse, found out about the little girl's wish and got in touch with Officer Waggamon. Not only was he willing to do it, he went above and beyond to make it a truly special day.

"I was allowed to witness one of the most beautiful acts of kindness I think I have ever seen today. I saw a beautiful 4-year-old little girl’s birthday wish come true. All she wanted was to take a cop out to lunch," Tara writes.


"I was asked if I could help find one and I could think of no one better for the job than Markie Waggamon and he was more than willing to be a part of this little girl’s birthday wish."

"He went above and beyond what was asked of him. Instead of just coming and having lunch with her he offered to pay, refused the money this wonderful little girl wanted to give to him, and showed up with a bag full of cop-themed birthday presents."

"There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child’s eyes light up and seeing their dream come true. Thank you so much, ElizaBeth Hoskinson Gross [JadeLynn's mom], for allowing me to be a part of this and thank you, Mark Waggamon, for being the amazing man that you are. This is a day that not only will she not forget but I will not either."

H/T: LittleThings | Tara Murphy

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