4-Year-Old Is Heartbroken When He's Told He Can't Adopt A Dog, So He Comes Up With A Brilliant Idea

Remember when you were a kid and you received an allowance from your parents? Not every kid I know had that system, as every parent is different in how they handle that, but most of my friends and I received a certain (now laughably small) amount of allowance or "pocket money" every month. 

Just as every parent is different when it comes to allowance, so is every child in the way they spend it. I have friends who could barely keep their allowance going for two weeks because they'd blow it all on candy and comic books, and other friends who saved up all year and ended up being the first to buy that sweet new video game console.

While most four-year-olds would probably spend their allowance on candy and toys, Jaxton is different. When he told his mother, Elyse Betschart, what he wanted to do with his allowance, she just couldn't say no. She took him to the Charleston Animal Society in South Carolina to adopt a dog, and when he got there, he quickly fell in love with a pit bull.

As soon as Jaxton saw Tank, he ran up the to cage and exclaimed, "Mommy! He’s big and chunky just like me!" He wanted to adopt Tank right then and there, but sadly it wasn't possible as they are a military family, and regulations did not permit them to adopt him. 

Instead of adopting him, however, Jaxton found out that he could use his allowance to pay off Tank's adoption fees for someone else. This is called sponsoring the dog, and Jaxton ended up using his allowance to sponsor Tank and another pit bull named Penelope.

The shelter was so touched by the little boy's generosity that they posted about it on Facebook, where the story went viral. Many also commented that they had no idea sponsorship was even an option, so Jaxton's story also helped spread awareness about that!

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H/T: Gladwire

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