40 Rare Photos That Unveil Special Moments From The Past

Mar 11, 2015

There is no end to the crazy views that people have on today's celebrities. But these blasts from the past will really turn those ideas on their heads. Check out these shockingly amusing photos of famous people before the fame.

1. Barack Obama hanging with his high school basketball team

2. Bill Gates gets caught without his license - 1977

3. Muhammad Ali working word magic getting a man off of a ledge - 1981

4. Audrey Hepburn and her pet deer casually strolling through a store in Beverly Hills - 1958

5. Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison as wedding singers in 1958

6. 1923 passport photo of Ernest Hemingway

7. Robin Williams tries his hand at cheerleading - 1980

8. Classic photo of the original “Star Wars” cast

9. The famous MGM lion mid photoshoot

10. Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin goofing around - 1993

11. Queen Elizabeth while serving during WWII

12. Albert Einstein sharing a moment with Charlie Chaplin

13. Young Drew Barrymore on set of E. T. with Steven Spielberg


14. A happy, dancing Bruce Lee

15. A shot of Martin Luther King Jr with Marlon Brando

16. Bruce Lee kicking it with Chuck Norris

17. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates casually making history together

18. Walt Disney's early idea of Mickey Mouse

19. The first computer ever made, ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was made in the U.S.

20. The famous Golden Gate bridge being built - 1937

21. Fidel Castro and Malcom X talking about the important things in life

22. Second from the left: A teenage Vladimir Putin

23. The beautiful couple, Steven Hawking and Jane Wilde

24. The London rooftop that hosted the Beatles' final concert - 1969

25. Pure excitement for the first bananas to arrive in Norway

26. English archaeologist Howard Carter exploring King Tut's sarcophagus

27. Fidel Castro laughing it up with Che Guevara


28. The construction of Mt. Rushmore - 1939

29. The king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, serving in the U.S. Army - 1958

30. The building of the Eiffel Tower - 1880

31. William Harley and Arthur Davidson sitting on their newly created Harley Davidson motorcycles - 1914

32. Frank Sinatra gets an autograph from Lou Gehrig - 1939

33. John F. Kennedy shakes hands with future president Bill Clinton

34. Albert Einstein soaking up the summer sun in Long Island, New York - 1939

35. Utility worker saves his co-worker in midair after touching a high-voltage wire - 1967

36. An Austrian boy smiles ear to ear at his shiny new shoes during WWII

37. Animal therapy was popular even back in 1956

38. Kathrine Switzer breaks all the rules and becomes the first woman to finish the Boston Marathon - 1967

39. The last image of the Titanic known to man

40. Nikola Tesla testing his "Magnifying Transmitter" in his lab

Credit: The Idealist Revolution

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