43 Photographs Give A New Perspective To Some Of Human History's Greatest Moments

We've all seen the iconic images that fill our history textbooks.  Some of them are so familiar that it's hard to remember that any other images exist at all.  Whether heartbreaking, celebratory or simply fascinating, here are 43 unexpected views of historical events.

1. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech, witnessed from behind the Lincoln statue. (1963)

2. Recording the lion's roar for MGM Studios. (1929)

3. One of the final photographs taken by Scott's British Antarctic Expedition to the South Pole. They did not survive the journey home. (1910, colorized later)

4. "American Gothic" models stand next to the famous Grant Wood painting.

5. The iconic Hollywood sign was originally an ad for the hill's biggest real estate company, Hollywoodland.  The sign lost the "land" letters in 1950. (1923)

6. Behind the scenes of the Beatles's "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" cover shoot. (1967)

7. Kathrine Switzer running through protesting race organizers on her way through the Boston Marathon. She became the first woman to finish. (1967)

8. The Brandenburg Gates traffic jam between East and West Germany on the first Saturday after the fall of the Berlin Wall. (1989)

9. Batman and Robin filming an action scene from their TV series.

10. Spectators climbing on top of furniture to see the signing of the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I. (1919)

11. Fidel Castro cooling off with an ice cream cone on a visit to a US Military camp. (1959)

12. An iceberg with black and red paint on the side. It's thought that this is what sunk the Titanic. (1912)

13. Wilbur Wright doing a victory lap around the Statue of Liberty in his Model A. (1909)

14. A Native American looks down the valley at the newly built Transcontinental railroad. (1868)


15. A different angle of Tiananmen Square's "Tank Man" standoff.  "Tank Man" is on the left side of the machine. You can see the tanks in the distance. (1989)

16. The day after WWII's Victory Over Japan Day in New York City. (1945)

17. The last prisoners of Alcatraz leaving as the prison closes down. (1963)

18. Neil Armstrong, photographed by Buzz Aldrin, returning from his walk on the moon. (1969)

19. An over-the-shoulder shot of the crowd during JFK's "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech. (1963)

20. Abraham Lincoln just before delivering his famous Gettysburg address. (1863)

21. Howard Carter peering into Tutankhamun's shrine. (1924)

22. An East German guard passing a flower through the gap in the Berlin Wall. The Wall would come down the next day. (1989)

23. Three men running in the first modern Olympic games marathon. (1896)

24. Norway opening its first shipment of bananas. (1905)

25. Mourners climbing a telephone pole to watch Ghandi's funeral procession. (1948)

26. American soldiers celebrate the news of Japan's surrender from aboard a military ship. (1945)

27. Taking a journey on the first underground train, the predecessor of the modern subway, in London. (1862)

28. The last photo ever taken of the Titanic above water. (1912)

29. A photo, taken in secret, of the Supreme Court in session. The Surpreme Court has a strict rule prohibiting cameras and only one other photo, taken 1937, has ever leaked. (1932)


30. A crowd of mourners outside the courthouse in Vicksburg, Mississippi, after the death of Abraham Lincoln. (1865)

31. New York's first World Series game. (1912)

32. The very first Rockefeller Christmas Tree stands tall in New York City. (1931)

33. The view from the top of the Empire State Building on its opening day. (1931)

34. JFK's funeral, as seen from a bird's eye view, in the Capitol Building. (1963)

35. Abraham Lincoln meeting with Union General George McClellan in Antietam. (1862)

36. The view from one of the Golden Gate's arches on its opening day. (1937)

37. The back of the Hoover dam, just before it went underwater. (1936)

38. The base of the Washington Monument's construction, put on hiatus after funds ran out during the Civil War. (1857)

39. Norman Rockwell's photo references.

40. Jackie-O backstage watching her husband's first debate with Richard Nixon. (1960)

41. The Woodstock crowd gathers. (1969)

42. Director Alfred Hitchcock on the set of "The Birds." (1962)

43. The Beatles walking back to the other side to do another take of their "Abbey Road" cover. (1969)

Credit: Distractify

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