45 Beautiful, Random Acts Of Kindness That'll Make You Smile

With all of the sad and scary stories in the news, it’s always nice to hear about some of the good things that happen in the world. Even though there might be tragedies and hardships, there are still plenty of great things that happen that deserve to be recognized. Take a look at these dozens of acts of kindness to see just how much good there still is. These incredible images and stories will remind you that the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

1. Even though they were parked illegally, an officer let them go without a ticket.

2. A thoughtful college student gave this woman a place to sit when she needed a rest.

3. The child of a street vendor learns how to read with the help of a young girl.

4. A thoughtful neighbor made sure someone’s car didn’t get damp inside from the rain.

5. During his lunch break, this gentleman reads to his coworker who doesn’t know how.

6. A thoughtful person left free flowers out for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

7. A kind man helped an elderly woman with her bags instead of rushing to his train.

8. This family left a special treat for dogs in memory of their own who passed away.

9. This caring guy walked three women to their cars in the rain using a table umbrella.

10. After this woman suffered a stroke, her husband taught her to read again.

11. “I saw this woman buy two meals at a street vendor and give this man one of the meals. She introduced herself and talked to him about his life. She was his equal and just wanted to express inclusion to a fellow human being.”

12. This mailman enjoys adding some joy to others’ lives.

13. An anonymous person treated someone to a snack.

14. This person took care of someone else’s laundry for them.

15. A stranger tried to help a person in need, even when they didn’t know it was needed.

16. A stranger bought them tires, simply because they knew they needed them.

17. After discovering the Day Center was closed, a cop purchased food for 20 people.

18. A firefighter risked his own life to save a woman’s cat.

19. This dry cleaner is helping the unemployed.


20. This man made sure not to pass his opponent, even when he was slowing down...

21. ...Solely to cheer him on to complete the race.

22. This man helped a snapping turtle safely get where he was going.

23. A cop handcuffed his hand to a woman who was considering suicide to save her life.

24. At 82 years old, this barber gives strangers at the park a shave.

25. All he asks for in return is a hug.

26. Cameron Lyle used to be a star at track.

27. He loved competing and trained for 8 years.

28. Prior to his final competition, he quit to donate his own bone marrow to a man suffering from leukemia.

29. A crowd held up this man in his wheelchair to allow him to crowd surf.

30. Brian O’Driscoll, a rugby player, surprised his biggest fan who was in the hospital.

31. After a young dolphin became beached...

32. …A man came to her rescue.

33. When people lost power in Hurricane Sandy, this store owner decided to help.

34. A couple who was expecting a baby received surprising support in Hurricane Sandy.

35. Oftentimes, cops go well beyond their duties...

36. This world-class runner slowed a bit to help this disabled man stay hydrated.

37. This kid was the winner of a huge scavenger hunt.

38. He decided to give his prize to his young neighbor fighting leukemia.

39. People in a train station all try to push the train to save someone who fell between the gap.


40. A man got off his motorcycle to help an older woman get across the street safely.

41. This panhandling man returned a diamond ring to its rightful owner, after it mistakenly fell in his cup.

42. The ring’s owner decided to help the honest man by raising money for him to get back on his feet.

43. This girl’s opponents carried her to the home plate after she was injured while up at bat.

44. People stop to help this dog out who got tear gassed during a protest.

45. This baby bunny was saved by a soldier, who then spent plenty of his time feeding her.

46. This cop purchased boots for a homeless man without shoes during rough weather.

47. These are the notes exchanged after someone accidentally blocked another person’s driveway.

48. A coworker attempted to fix his accidental error.

49. After discovering the $5,000 life savings this woman had in the refrigerator that was thrown away, he returned it to her in person.

50. Upon spotting a homeless man without shoes, this man gave him his own.

51. The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, gave this woman a recommendation in the middle of her phone interview.

52. After getting injured in a race, this girl’s opponent helped her across the finish line.

53. Protesters gave this officer a big suprise after he asked them to not attack each other on his own birthday.

54. This man hands out uneaten bagels to people in need after finished with his work.

There are so many good people in the world, and these pictures prove it. 

Have you ever been surprised by a good deed? Tell us all about your experience in the comments below!

Credit: ViralNova

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