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Jul 31, 2015

Here at Wimp, we’re constantly asking questions, scouring the web and breaking our preconceived notions (and hopefully some of yours, too!) on a daily basis. We see the best the Internet has to offer, but sometimes there is just too much pretty, too much shiny, and too much amazing. So, here are some more of our favorite finds from this week. 

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1. The Internet used for good. 

There's a lot of bullying, hate and general distaste spread online. It seems to chum up the waters for cyber sharks. But, then some days the Internet comes and saves the day.

First, Gerson Granados was just playing his guitar on Periscope, until some guy stumbled across it and shared it with his 77,000 followers and, then, magic. In Gerson’s hands, his guitar sings, but the best part is his reaction to the love.  

In another part of the country, 12-year-old Matthew Flores asked for junk mail from his mailman. Turns out, Matthew just wanted something to read as he didn't have any books. The mail carrier asked the Internet for some books, and, well, you can guess what happened next … the world wide web to the rescue. 


2. Dogs are amazing, hilarious. 

We found this video of a dog who found a clever way to rescue her tennis ball from a pool.  And, then there was this video of a guy swimming with 12 golden retrievers. On the topic of swimming dogs, there was a story about Sophie Tucker, the dog who fell off a boat, swam five miles to an island where she survived for four months.

Also, we all know dogs love ear rubs, but did you know they love them because it releases feel-good endorphins that make them relaxed, mellow and happy? 

3. Technology is fascinating, scary. 


This is not something out of Mad Max. It's a retrofitted tank that's used to put out fires in oil wells. You can see it in action in this snippet from a documentary narrated by Stacey Keach.

In other news, Elon Musk (the brilliant serial entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX), Steve Wozniak (you know, the other guy who co-founded Apple), Steven Hawking (straight-up genius) and Demis Hassabis (vice president of engineering at Google) all signed a letter warning of artificial intelligence (AI) warfare and are in support of banning "offensive autonomous weapons." In other words, they are warning of a complete robot takeover. It’s time to dust off your old Terminator VHS or hit the theatres to catch the newest installation. 

On a much lighter note, did you know before Google had Gmail, that domain was a Garfield mail service? And while we're discussing email service providers, in 1999, hackers exposed a security flaw in Hotmail's service that would allow anyone to log in to any account with the password "eh." All the hackers must be reminiscing about the good ol’ days, of emails with cattitude and easy-peasy hacks.


4. Art can be incredibly satisfying. 



From the shades of sand in the Sahara to the variations of beach rocks to an embroidered animation, there’s something soothing in here. Do you get that comforted feeling? It’s like you just wrapped yourself in a warm blanket and a mugful of tea in the middle of winter. 

5. Space is still, and will always be amazing. 

The space race is on again, you guys. Over the last year, SpaceX and the Mars One mission have captured the imagination of the entire world. And then with Pluto and the New Horizons spacecraft, well, that just sent us straight over the moon, so to speak. 

If you are an aspiring astronaut, then you definitely need to put “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth” on your reading list. Also, don’t forget to brush up on your Russian. Astronauts also know how to have fun though. Here’s what happens when you set Alka-Seltzer water free in zero gravity

We love a good meteor, or in this case, meteoroid explosion. Don’t forget the annual Perseid meteor shower is right around the corner in mid-August. Pro tip: Find a Dark Sky Park in your area if you can. You’ll get an unfettered glimpse of the natural night sky in all of its majestic glory. You won’t regret it. 

See ya next week Internet! Until then, stay cool and don’t forget to take our survey and let us know what you think! 

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