5 More Things Wimp Saw This Week

Aug 7, 2015

It's been one week since we unveiled our new series and, lucky for us, the Internet delivered again. There were quite a few things that grabbed our interest and we've compiled the ones that didn't let go. 

Before we get into it, please allow me to formally introduce myself. I’m Chris, the Chief Wimp. And I want to give a special thank you to everyone who participated in our survey last week. If you didn't and you have something you’d like to share, drop me an email: [email protected] If you don't have something to say, but want to send us a great video, show us a funny picture or just say "hey," please do. I'd love it. Erin, our Editor-In-Chief is out trying to avoid sunburn at the beach , but will be back next week to deliver our treasures from the web.  

1. Spicy foods are hot.

Spicy foods can be polarizing. I've known people who thought ketchup was too spicy, folks with wild hot sauce collections and there's someone here at Wimp who, despite trying, physically can't eat spicy foods. With that in mind, people will react differently to the news that spicy foods can help us live longer. Remember a couple years ago when the Sriracha factory had such a pungent odor that it overtook an entire city? No news if inhaling the spicy peppers is beneficial at all.

The stars in this classic video of the habanero-eating orchestra get a bonus since playing a musical instrument can also help you live longer

2. NASA has better cameras than everyone. 

While all of us here on Earth are wondering how many megapixels will be in the next iPhone so we can take hi-def pictures of cats, NASA's photography was on another level this week. First off, the Hubble Space Telescope got a gorgeous picture of a dying star 15,000 light-years away. Relative to the universe’s entire timeline, this phenomenon happens very quickly. But, thanks to astrophysics working the way it does, nebulae like this one are visible for thousands of years here on Earth.


Another hot release from NASA was this video of the Moon photobombing Earth. The images were taken from more than 1,000,000 miles away with the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (also known by the acronym EPIC, which is beautifully appropriate).

3. The Internet is vast, random.

Space may be the final frontier, but the Internet is one that's still expanding.

The site is a fantastic tool to help you find things you didn't know you were looking for. The name gives it away. With the click of a button, you're taken to a random website that's, well...useful. Here are some gems we've found:

- Get the soundtrack of a stormy day in any weather.
- Have a fridge full of food and don't know what to make? Not anymore. 
- Hunt-and-peck typists fear not! This is like the typing class in high school that you never had.
- Journaling has a plethora of benefits. This is an easy way to start small with journaling and overcome the fear of a giant blank notebook. And starting small is considered a key to building lasting habits

A final random link that wasn't found with is Turns out, there's an ideal length of time to sleep to make sure you hit your circadian rhythms properly. Waking up at the wrong point can make you feel groggy. This tool will tell you what time to go to sleep if you need to get up at a certain time or what time to set your alarm for if you go to sleep "now." If, for some reason, you don't sleep much at all, this video has some tips that will help you get through the next day.  


4. Bonsai trees are beautiful and resilient.

Bonsai culturist. That's what the "career" test I took in high school said I should be. Bonsai culturist or an acrobat. I ended up choosing neither, but ever since then, bonsai trees have held a special place in my heart. August 6th marked the 70th anniversary of the bombing in Hiroshima, so it was prime time for this 390-year-old bonsai that survived the nuclear blast, standing only 2 miles away, to go viral. 


5. Everyone's a winner. Even if you don't know it yet. 

Incroyable ! A.Yates remporte la Clasica San Sebastian mais ne le sait pas !

— Passion Vélo Club (@PassionVeloClub) August 1, 2015

That does it for this week! Erin will be back with next week’s edition after she’s done catching rays at the beach. Until then, we look forward to seeing what else the world has to offer. If there’s something you think we need to share send it my way: [email protected] 

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