6 Australian Friends Travel America In The "Spruce Moose"

Ah, the open road. There's something about a long car ride that's fascinated me since I was a child. The winding road off in the distance, the variety of landscapes whooshing past my window - each one of them with its own story and adventures. Long road trips aren't everyone's cup of tea, though. Some people hate the thought of sitting in a car that long, and even I'll admit that long rides can definitely get annoying if your vehicle is uncomfortable.

When six Australian friends decided to take a road trip around the United States, they knew their journey would require the perfect vehicle. What better way to travel the country than by bus? They started with a regular school bus, but turned it into a special ride that anyone would be happy to travel in – take a look.

Here is the whole gang with their finished van, the Spruce Moose. 

However what they started with was just a typical, old 1986 Chevy Bluebird school bus.

Step 1 – Remove the seats and add extra insulation. No one likes to be cold on a road trip.

They also added a kitchen table for easy dining on-the-go.


And closed off a few of the many windows for extra privacy.

Next, bunk beds were installed at the back of the bus.

LED lights provided a much-needed, homey glow.

As did the built-in couches placed along each wall.

A sink and storage solutions were also placed on the bus – they really thought of everything! 


This part looks like fun.  

Yeah, they are definitely having a good time! 

All done. Time to hit the road and find some sunnier weather.

The gang spent months on the road, touring the U.S. Here they are in Montana. 

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H/T: projectmoose

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