7 Brilliant Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Household Spotless

Whether it’s a weekend chore or a necessary evil during the week, most of us dread having to clean the bathroom. When it comes down to it, we have no choice, and shortcuts are always welcome! Search no further, Household Hacker is here to save the day, and save you time. 

As you’ll see, there’s even more good news if you’re trying to go green. Whether it’s using tea in an unusual way, or utilizing environmentally friendly white vinegar, these tips will keep your carbon footprint low. A benefit to these natural and everyday items is that they're not only good for the planet, they're also not as harsh on you as traditional cleaners. Don’t forget to utilize items like a dishwasher to help with the cleaning process. After all, you’re going to use it to clean, why not throw in some sink top items from the restroom to get refreshed along the way? While you're saving time, use household tools in new ways to make the job even faster. All of these little details add up to make this unpopular job much easier and shorter, but still very productive. 

Now that you’ve finished the bathroom in record time, there’s one bonus shortcut that could be very important to the safety of your home. Make sure to watch the simple household items you can use to make your dryer last longer and keep your family safe. All in all, you’ll want to use one or all of these tips to make your bathroom duties less of a chore.

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H/T: Household Hacker

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