7 Useful Features On Your Smartphone That A Lot Of People Don't Know About

Modern smartphones are capable of so much, to the point that most of us probably don't even know the half of it. They've become an essential part of our everyday lives, which is why we felt it makes sense to list these seven clever tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your phone.

1. Turn a cell phone into a listening device.


You can turn any cell phone into a listening device with just a few simple modifications. This can be useful for making an improvised baby monitor, or maybe as a spy tool (not that we condone such a thing). Learn how to make one here.

2. Lock your phone forever.


If your phone got stolen or lost, this can be a life-saver. Every SIM has a unique 15-digit number, known as the IMEI. If you're in a situation where you think you may never see your phone again, just call the cell phone company and ask them to block that SIM. To find your phone's IMEI code, just dial *#06#.

3. Turn your phone into a microscope.


It sounds incredible, but you can totally do this without splurging on expensive equipment. Use a small lens (found in any laser pointer) and you've got a portable digital microscope. Learn how to make one here.


4. Take photos underwater.


Although some smartphones are waterproof these days, you can still take underwater photos even if yours isn't naturally water resistant. All you need is a polyethylene case, which you can make in two minutes using these instructions.

5. Use your face to unlock your phone.


Android phones provide several ways to secure your phone - PIN, password, pattern gestures, swipes, and in some cases, fingerprint readers. But there's also the Face Unlock feature, which most people don't know about. Just go to Settings--->Security--->Screen Lock and then select the desired option.

6. Making holograms.


What?? How cool is this? It's about as close to magic as you can get with technology, and it's surprisingly easy to do. Learn how here.


7. Extend your smartphone's life.


Over time, your phone's power jack tends to collect dust and debris. Few people realize that the dust in the charging port can actually start to kill your device over time. To avoid this, simply use a syringe full of air and inject it into the charging port. this will expel the dust and help extend your device's life.

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H/T: Bright Side

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