7 Ways You Never Knew You Could Get Rid Of Ants

Our most annoying, tiny little neighbors don’t have to ruin your outdoor fun, thanks to these seven useful tips. Most of these little-known tricks use everyday household objects, such as vinegar, water, and cayenne pepper. Some things are as simple as giving your recyclables a good, thorough rinsing.

One particularly clever trick to use in a public park involves some water and pie tins. Looking to safeguard your picnic table, just put a pie tin underneath each table leg. Fill the tins up with water to create a very effective moat, protecting your food kingdom from six-legged invaders.

Finding ants in your dojo, but don’t know where they’re coming from? Simply grab a spray bottle and fill it with vinegar. Hunt down a pesky ant and start spraying near the ant. This will drive the little fiend back to his colony where you can make your final stand.

Check out the video for more ways you didn’t know you could get rid of ants and make the most out of your outdoors time.

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H/T: HouseholdHacker

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