8 Clever Uses For Tension Rods That Don't Involve Hanging Curtains

Curtains can be found in almost every home. They're an easy and relatively inexpensive way to brighten up your current decor, add a pop of color, or go for a whole new look. While many people go for drapery and curtain rods that make a statement, tension rods are inexpensive and don't require the use of any tools or hardware, making them easy for even the most inept home improvement amateur to put up and leaving walls without the holes caused by screws.

But, did you know that tension rods are so much more than an easy way to hang up the drapes? In fact, these cheap rods can be used in unexpected ways in just about every room in the house.

1. Put one in the play room.

Sunshine on the Inside

Kids have great imaginations and they love to use them. And what's more, they live for having a captive audience. Make the most of both those facts with a makeshift stage, easily created with a tension rod and some fabric.

2. Create crafty cabinet and cupboard organization.

With Time to Spare

Using a tension rod and some shower curtain hooks, hang up all your pots and pans for easy access. Now, cooking dinner won't include rummaging through every pot, trying to locate the right one.

3. Get those shoes where you can see them.



Purpose-built shoe racks are great, but they can be expensive or not the right size for your shoe closet. Use a couple tension rods instead for a cheap, customized solution.

4. Keep kids happy with a cozy tension rod retreat.

Visualize Us

As kids quickly grow, so do their needs; that means that permanent space solutions are often pointless! Creating a little hideaway with tension rods means that it can be put up as easily as it can be taken down.

5. Kiss cleaning supply clutter goodbye.


A simple tension rod makes for the perfect place to hang the myriad bottles needed for housekeeping. 

6. Make craft paper accessible and out-of-the-way at the same time.

Montana Prairie Tales

Craft paper has so many uses, the most obvious being to get in the way and become crumpled beyond usability. A tension rod under the table keeps the roll nice and tidy and within arm's reach. And that’s not all … 

I'm A Project Junkie


Ribbon storage is another great tension rod hack for the craft room.

7. Put everything in place in the pantry.

Martha Stewart

Something about pantries just seems to make them a magnet for mess and clutter. Rather than renovating with expensive carpentry, try tension rods to keep everything where it should be and easy to retrieve.

8. Mark the out-of-bounds areas.


While a baby gate is a must-have for things like stairs, sometimes you need flexibility. Keep kids and dogs out temporarily with a few tension rods stacked in a doorway or walkway. Then, when the barrier is no longer needed, just take it down ... no holes, brackets, or permanent reminders left behind!

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H/T: Mommypage

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