8 Deodorant Habits You Need To Kick

No matter the season, no matter the temperature, we are bound to sweat throughout the day. Like toothpaste, deodorant is essential to our daily hygiene – but you might not be using it right. It's not enough to just slap some on under your arms in the morning. What you use, when you use it, and where you use it are vital factors in getting the full deodorizing effect. If you find yourself getting unusually sweaty and stinky later in the day, you probably need to shake up your deodorant habits. 

Check to see if you've committed one of these common mistakes:

1. Not Applying Deodorant After A Shower

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Deodorant works best when applied to clean skin. Wash away all your obtrusive dirt and grime in the shower, then immediately apply your deodorant to get it right to the source of your sweat. It does your body no good to layer antiperspirant on top of a pre-existing layer of sweat.

2. Never Reapplying

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Deodorant is not a one-and-done task. Even extra strength formulas won't last all day. Always reapply deodorant as needed. Don't forget to clean the area first!

3. Getting The Wrong Kind


No two bodies are the same. We all have our own needs, which is why most brands offer a variety of different deodorants. If you're a heavy sweater, you might need a clinical strength deodorant. If you have sensitive skin, you'll probably benefit most from a hypoallergenic variant.

4. Mismatching Scents


Most grooming and hygiene products come in multiple floral scents to keep you smelling fresh and clean. It's important to try to match your deodorant with all your other beauty products, such as shampoo and perfume, so the scents don't clash. Peach and mint do not go well together!

5. Not Applying Deodorant At Night


Most people work deodorant into their morning routine and never again, but you'd be better off using it at night. Applying deodorant before bedtime ensures you'll get the optimal effect. It'll go to work, clogging your sweat pores in advance while you're dreaming. 


6. Substituting Deodorant For A Shower


Antiperspirant is a powerful tool, but it shouldn't be the only thing you use to get clean. No brand or variety of antiperspirant can effectively replace the benefits of showering. So scrub up – the people around you will appreciate it.

7. Using Too Much

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Ever heard of the phrase, "Too much of a good thing"? Well, too much deodorant could do more harm than good. Applying excessive amounts can lead to itchy, irritated skin due to a buildup of chemicals.

8. Applying It To The Wrong Thing


Again, deodorant is supposed to go onto dry, clean skin. It needs direct contact with your pores to work properly. Slapping it on your clothes will do nothing but ruin them.

Of course, your underarms are not the only part of your body that could benefit from a little deodorant. Check out these seven alternative spots that could use some attention.



Deodorant leaves your skin fresh and smooth. It can also work as a handy lubricant that is perfect for muscling on a pair of skinny jeans. Slide some on your legs to help slip those tight-fitting trousers on.


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Our foreheads can get pretty sweaty and there's nothing more annoying than getting sweat in your eyes. Ouch! In lieu of a headband, try rolling some clear deodorant directly onto your head. This is perfect for sweaty athletes.



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Our underarms get sweaty from being trapped between our torso and arms. The back of your knees could use some reprieve, too. If you find your knees getting sweaty from sitting around, apply some deodorant to keep them from perspiring.

Under Your Breasts

Ladies, we all know how annoying this is. Prevent obnoxious sweat by spraying or rolling some antiperspirant under your breasts before getting dressed.


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The back of our heels are quite prone to blisters, and breaking in a new pair of shoes can be a painful ordeal for our feet. Before lacing up your new kicks, roll a little deodorant on your heels. This will help reduce friction and prevent irritation while you work out the kinks in your new sneakers.


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Our feet can get sweaty and stinky too. Before stuffing them in a pair of socks, roll some deodorant onto the bottom of your feet to keep the smell at bay. You'll feel better and your shoes will smell better.


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If you're a runner, you probably have to deal with chafing thighs. The friction caused between our thighs leads to sweating and skin irritation, which makes it harder to grind out that last mile. Slide some deodorant between your thighs before a run to reduce chafing.

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