8 Great Ways To Reuse An Old Trampoline Instead Of Throwing It Out

People have many different ideas of what the American Dream is, but as a kid, I believed that the American Dream was having a trampoline in your backyard. I would try extra hard to make friends at school with the kids who had one, in the hopes I would be invited over. I'll never forget the Christmas when my cousins got a trampoline and we spent a solid 20 hours jumping around and doing flips. 

Unfortunately, as you grow older, enthusiasm for trampolines tends to die out. Maybe our pride gets the best of us and we become too cool to bounce and act like a kid, or maybe it's just our bodies physically can't take it anymore. Either way, at some point, you'll be left with a trampoline in your backyard that never gets used. So, what happens then? 

We've found eight out-of-the-box ideas for you to get some extra life out of your old trampoline. Some of these ideas may not be for everyone, but it's certainly better than leaving it to rot in your yard.  

1. Garden Fence


If you flip over a trampoline, it can transform into the perfect bed for a new garden. Just put soil over the surface and use the legs as a wall to keep out unwanted pests or hungry rodents. 

2. An Awning


You can extend the legs of a trampoline to turn it into an awning over your outdoor furniture. It will do great job of keeping you safe from the elements - just make sure it's secure so it doesn't fall over. 


3. A Hanging Canopy

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If you're tired of jumping on a trampoline, maybe you can sleep on it. With a sturdy hook and some sheets, you can create a gorgeous swinging canopy bed

4. The Biggest Christmas Wreath Ever


Even though it looks cumbersome, this huge Christmas decoration is surprisingly easy to make. This will surely make your neighbors jealous. 

5. A Backyard Tent


Don't want to go on far out camping expeditions? Turn your trampoline into a tent and have your own camping trip in the back yard. 

6. A Decorative Arch


If you want to spice up the look of your home garden, take out the surface of the trampoline and use the frame as a stylish arch


7. Chicken Coop


If you're the special kind of person who owns a trampoline and chickens, then this upcycling idea is perfect. If you have a small dog, you can also use it as an outdoor doghouse

8. A Ball Stopper


Never worry about having to chase a loose ball down the street again. This idea will keep your kids entertained and safe from running into traffic. 

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