8 Unexpected Uses For Cinnamon

When you think of cinnamon, you probably imagine the smell of warm cinnamon rolls leaving the oven. Or, perhaps your mind turns to the cinnamon sticks that you keep in the bathroom to make sure things always smell fresh. You may even think back to the ridiculous "Cinnamon Challenge" that floated around the internet a few years ago, daring participants to swallow an entire spoonful of the spicy powder and often ending in someone coughing up a big red cloud.

Most people don't think of cinnamon as anything more than a tasty, pleasant-smelling spice, but did you know that it actually has all kinds of uses outside the kitchen? Here at Wimp, we love learning about new DIY remedies, and cinnamon might just be our new favorite. Whether you suffer from bad breath and toenail fungus or are looking for a way to keep the bugs away this summer, cinnamon has you covered!

Keep scrolling for our list of the eight most unexpected uses for cinnamon. Does this mean that eating at Cinnabon is considered healthy now? Well ... we aren't going to say that it's unhealthy ...

1. Fight The Flu


Cinnamon is a powerful ally when it comes to getting rid of unwanted bacteria. In fact, cinnamon has been proven to eliminate bacteria as powerful as E. Coli. For flu treatment, simply boil one Ceylon cinnamon stick in 1.5 cups of water for around 20 minutes, then allow it to sit and soak for another 15 minutes once it's done boiling. When the water has turned a rich red color, your cinnamon tea is ready to drink!

2. Neutralize Odor


Like we mentioned before, people often set out a few cinnamon sticks to freshen up their home. This method works so well because cinnamon is a natural anti-bacterial, and bacteria is often the root of foul odors. The Kitchn recommends boiling a stick of cinnamon for 30 minutes to make your entire home smell wonderful.


3. Metabolism Boost


Eating cinnamon daily is a great way to rev up your metabolism. According to the Huffington Post, cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar and slows down how fast your stomach empties. An easy way to incorporate cinnamon into your diet would be adding a teaspoon to your coffee, 

4. Get Rid Of Bad Breath


Even if you aren't about to go on a date, bad breath is something everyone should avoid. Cinnamon essential oil is your best friend when it comes to battling bad breath and gum disease. Organic Lifestyle Magazine recommends that you combine two drops of cinnamon essential oil with one tablespoon of coconut oil and swish the mixture around your mouth. Plus, coconut oil already has so many great health benefits!

5. Combat Type II Diabetes

Jill Brown

Those with Type II Diabetes know how important it is to keep their blood sugar under control. Not only is cinnamon capable of lowering blood sugar, but it also makes insulin more effective.

6. Natural Insect Repellant

Sancho McCann

While you might not want to go rubbing it all over your skin, cinnamon is great at keeping unwanted insects out of your home. Ants, for example, will not cross a line of cinnamon if you sprinkle it near where they are entering your home.


7. Anti-Depressant


Cinnamon helps improve your mood for a number of reasons. Its smell is closely associated with memories of fall and Christmas, making it hard not to reflect on happy memories when you're around it. Additionally, Dr. Stephen Collins has found that the spice gets rid of some certain bacteria that's linked to depression. Next time you're feeling blue, brew yourself a nice cup of cinnamon tea.

8. Toenail Fungus Treatment

Caitlin Regan

This is perhaps the most surprising natural treatment on this list. Toenail fungus can be nasty and embarrassing, but it doesn't have to be tough to get rid of. Cinnamon leaf oil can be applied directly to the affected nail in the morning and evening. If you prefer a soaking method, simply dilute cinnamon leaf oil in water and combine with Epsom salt. Your fungus will be gone in no time!

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H/T: RemedyDaily

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