88-Year-Old Grandma Gets Her Boogie On

Sometimes, you come across a video that just brightens up your whole day. Even that is probably an understatement when describing this clip of an 88-year-old grandma getting her boogie on to "Runaround Sue" by Dion. It seems she's on her way out, but whoever came to pick her up was blasting the classic on their radio. As soon as she hears the music and recognizes the tune, she starts rocking her hips and shoulders to the beat. You go granny!

What I love most about this video is how she stops dancing several times as if to say, "Ok, let's get back to business" (or maybe she's just tired). These breaks are short-lived, however, because the groove has successfully gotten into her system and she can't help but get swept up in it and start dancing again.

Not only is this clip incredibly sweet and fun to watch, it also teaches us a few things. For one, age is just a number and you're never too old to enjoy yourself. Second, you should always take any opportunity for a bit of fun because life is simply too short. I sincerely hope that when I'm her age, I can be as hip and cool as her.

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H/T: Nisandeh Neta

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