9 Hilarious Pets Whose Humans Came Home Way Too Early

Anyone who's ever had a pet knows that things can get ugly, quickly and unexpectedly. Even the sweetest, most well-behaved of animals can surprise you with a mess at any moment ... although hopefully it's not quite as bad as any of these.

1. Sometimes, sitting on the couch just isn’t cozy enough.

"I was going to stuff it all back in when I finished my nap, I swear!"

2. That’s one way to take care of junk mail.

At least you know you won't ever have to shell out the cash for a shredder.

3. He’s finally found a chair he can really sink into.

This cat is really committed to sitting back and relaxing.


4. She knows it’s important to always keep your look fresh.

Everyone's tried out a new style that doesn't go quite to plan.

5. Don’t let yourself get backed into a corner.

"We were just playing, right? Right?"

6. Getting caught is bad, but getting stuck is even worse.

He got up there, but can he get back down?

7. This pup definitely found a new way to cool off.

"Come on in, the water's fine!"


8. It's too easy to get hung up.

It's kind of like a hammock ... maybe not quite as comfortable.

9. The number one rule is never leave anything within reach.

"I thought you wanted that spread all over the floor. Was that not right?"

Via: Sun Gazing

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