9 Life Hacks That Will Make Winter Survival Easier

Jan 29, 2015

Mother Nature likes to reach out and make our lives a little more complicated during the winter months. No matter how beautiful the snow and ice looks from the inside, trudging through wet snow, skidding on black ice and digging out the car every day is enough to make anyone want to hibernate under the bed until spring.  

Although the cold weather isn't going away anytime soon, there are some creative and inventive ways to make the long winter a little easier to live with. Show Mother Nature who’s boss with these nine winter weather life hacks.

1. Use Cat Litter For Tire Traction

Approval Genie

If you find yourself stuck, clear away any loose snow, pour a thin layer of cat litter directly in the path of your tires, then slowly apply the gas.

2. Screw In Some Traction

Through a Running Lens

By inserting some screws into the bottom of your shoes, you will be able to walk in the worst conditions. Metal screws with hex heads work best because the head on them has a lip that really grips well on ice. 

3. No Ice Scraper? No Problem.

Mufflers and More

Grab an old CD and use the edge to clear off the ice.


4. Make Your Snow Shovel Non-Stick

Coconut Oil Cooking

Spray your shovel with cooking oil before shoveling. The snow won’t stick.

5. Instant Waterproofing For Your Feet

Guthook Hikes

If you don’t have waterproof shoes, cover your feet with plastic bags before adding socks. No more cold and soggy feet.

6. De-Salt Your Boots

Thriving Home

Use a mixture of water and vinegar to gently clean away damaging salt and dirt.


7. DIY Bicycle Snow Tires


If you must be out with your bike, the easiest way to get traction is to attach a row of zip ties around the tires.

8. Store Socks In Your Glove Compartment


You never know when you’ll step in a puddle or need extra warmth.  They make a quick wipe for the windshield too.

9. Make Your Own Shoe Liners


Use leftover felt to line your shoes. Remove the inside liner from a shoe, trace onto felt, cut out and replace inside the shoe.

Credit: Diply

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