9 Proven Techniques To Help Restore Your Eyesight

When it comes to the muscles in your body, there's one basic principle to remember: use it or lose it. If you don't train your muscles regularly, they become weak. This also applies to your brain and your eyes, by the way. Your eyes weaken naturally over time, but these nine eye-saving tips can help keep them stronger for longer.

1. Try not to strain your eyes too hard during the day. Try closing them for a few minutes every few hours to give them a break,

2. Here's a chart with 16 exercises that give your eye muscles a nice workout. Do this once a day in the order indicated.


3. If you wear glasses, try taking them off more often if possible.

4. Give your eyes a massage with gentle, circular motions. Move through points 1-6 in order as shown.


5. When you're out and about, try to focus on things in the distance when possible. 

6. Drink carrot juice. Adding two drops of olive oil to the cup helps absorb the nutrients much more efficiently without changing the taste.

7. Wash your eyes with warm water when they feel tired.

8. Try to avoid any electronic screens two hours before bedtime.

9. Use the Indian Trataka exercise to keep your eyes and mind sharp.


Sit facing a small object such as a candle in an open space. Focus your eyes intently upon it and try not to blink. The goal is to create a very detailed image of the object in your memory. 

Next, close your eyes and focus your attention on the space between your eyebrows and try to keep the image of the object in your mind as long as possible.

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H/T: Bright Side

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