9 Things That Happen To You Right Before You Die

23% of all Americans believe in an afterlife, but almost everyone struggles with the concept. No wonder we are endlessly fascinated with the few people who have made it "to the other side" and lived to tell the tale.  

Some of these are moving, some of them creepy, but these 9 things are reported by almost everyone who has been brought back to life.

The majority said that the famed "light at the end of the tunnel" is a very real thing.


Many people reported an "out of body" experience and said that they could actually see their lifeless body below as they floated above it.  They felt frantic as they tried to restore a connection with their body.



Guardian angels might appear in the room at the time of death.  Some people say they were guided through the afterlife before returning to their body.


Many said they received visits from their mother while on their deathbed.


Several people said that not only did they see their dead relatives when they died, but it looked like they were in the middle of a large party.


A lot of people said that their life really did flash before their eyes, like a slideshow of their best and worst moments.



In their last moments before death, people said they could see and hear everyone in the room with them.  They witnessed attempts to bring their body back to life but were powerless to interact with the living.


The overwhelming majority said they felt a deep sense of peace and calm.


Interestingly enough, many people said that the feeling of death is so calm and peaceful that they really didn't want to return to life.


Credit: Viral Nova

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