9-Year-Old Alex Has His Wish Come True With The Help Of Some Clydesdales

Apr 11, 2016

Founded in 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has grown from one special experience for a boy named Christopher into an international organization, operating in 45 countries. To date, they’ve granted more than 300,000 wishes worldwide, ranging from simple things like getting to ride in a helicopter, all the way to the entire city of San Francisco coming together to make a child’s dream of becoming Batman come true.

Many celebrities get in on the act. Professional wrestler and actor John Cena is the most prolific wish-granter, having personally participated in more than 500 wishes. Wrestlers are a popular option for celebrity meetings, according to Make-A-Wish. The appeal is in their personas as fighters who never give up, the kind of role model a child battling a life-threatening illness can always use. But everyone from presidents to musicians like Justin Bieber (250 wishes!) have participated.

For one boy named Alex, the wish turned out to be more than he could have dreamed of, including a very unusual group of celebrities, the Budweiser Clydesdales. Talk about an adventure! Alex not only got to ride with them during festivities at a Cardinals game, he got to visit the 300-acre Warm Springs Ranch, the farm where the famous horses are raised.

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H/T: Make-A-Wish Michigan

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