9-Year-Old's Inspiring Weight Loss

Breanna Bond learned at an early age just how devastating childhood obesity can be. By the time she was nine years old, Breanna weighed around 200 pounds, and she was feeling the effects in every area of her life. She couldn't keep up with friends on the playground, and bullies taunted her every day at school. There's no doubt childhood obesity is a serious problem that our country should address, but putting people down because of their weight is never going to help. After all, there are many factors that contribute to obesity beyond one's diet.

Fortunately, Breanna and her parents decided to make a change. Instead of leaving their daughter to figure out weight loss by herself, Breanna's mother and father fought by her side throughout the entire process. After a year of healthier eating habits and regular exercise routines, the results speak for themselves. Their secret? Never giving up. That means never skipping a run, no matter how nasty the weather got. This family was committed to making a change, and their efforts truly paid off.

Stories like Breanna's challenge and inspire us to do better in our own lives. It takes a lot for a 9-year-old to muster up the discipline required to walk every night and maintain the self-control necessary to eat healthier. There were probably plenty of times when Breanna was away from her family, whether at a friend's house or at school, where she could have cheated by eating something unhealthy.

Thankfully, she didn't, and she can stand before us today spreading a message of hope for other children suffering from obesity.

H/T: ABC News

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