90 Is The New 20

Apr 9, 2016

It's a sad fact that the society we live in has always had a rather unfortunate tendency to marginalize women past a certain age. One of Hollywood's biggest unspoken truths is that most leading female parts in major movies are given to younger actresses, usually in their early 20s. The world of modeling and high fashion can be even more unforgiving, where the average age of entry into the industry is just 16. 

The health and beauty industries have made massive fortunes on the stigmas around women and aging, racking up billions of dollars in annual sales of anti-wrinkle creams and other products that sell the promise of eternal youth. Thankfully, people are starting to become more and more aware of how much pressure there is on women to conform to a certain ideal. There are now models with disabilities, models that are larger than the industry "standard," and models that are still successful despite their age.

90-year-old Irene Carney from New South Wales, Australia wasn't intending on becoming an international modeling sensation, but that's what happened when she recently proved that you are never too old to wear a bikini! 

While getting ready for a cruise with her family, Irene's friends and caretakers at her nursing home suggested she go a little more youthful with her choice of bathing suit, and the rest is history ...

You see, Irene chose a red bikini by an Australian brand called Seafolly, and totally rocked it!


It's actually a pretty cute, retro-chic suit with high-waisted bottoms and white polka dots.

While it looks undeniably great on these lovely Seafolly models, people can't get over how good Irene looks in her bold choice of swimwear.

Seafolly saw Irene's photo, and they were very encouraging as well.


Once posted to Facebook, Irene's photo went viral pretty quickly. People all over the world are inspired by her, and it just goes to show that confidence is attractive at any age!

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H/T: LittleThings | Lady Watego Byron Bay/Ballina

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