98-Year-Old Woman Defies Stigma Of Old Age To Help A Friend In Need

There are lots of inspirational quotes that are supposed to make us feel better about getting older. “You are only as old as you feel,” and “Age is only a number,” are tossed around frequently, typically by young people. Evelyn is someone who doesn’t need to be told how to handle aging; in fact, she should be teaching the rest of us.

Evelyn is as capable as they come but recently suffered a blow when her driver’s license was taken away. She had never had any trouble with her driving record - she was simply deemed “too old.” It was devastating news for someone who rightly equated being able to drive with personal independence. The loss of mobility became even more problematic when the retirement community she lived in got rid of its grocery store shuttle service.

Joyce, a soft-spoken friend of Evelyn’s, confided that with the loss of this service, it was likely that she would have to move to a new community. “I just don’t want to go anywhere else,” Joyce told her friend. That’s when Evelyn made a remarkable decision.

Evelyn promised to get her friend to the grocery store every single week. To do this, she marched down to the Department of Motor Vehicles to see about getting her license back. The video below outlines her inspirational quest.

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H/T: I Like Giving

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