A 104-Year-Old Woman Attributes Her Health To A Different Kind Of "Doctor"

Mar 24, 2015

We've all heard of the fountain of youth, but who knew that fountain was full of Dr. Pepper? Elizabeth Sullivan, a woman who lives in Texas and just celebrated her 104th birthday on March 18, did.

People find it incredible that she's made it this long and, of course, are dying to know her secret. But her "secret" isn’t all that secretive. Sullivan says she's been drinking Dr. Pepper for years and credits it for her long lifespan.

For 40 years, Sullivan has been kickstarting her mornings with a Dr. Pepper and having two more to follow throughout the day. After years of doctors telling her that the sugary beverage would be the end of her, she still seems to outlive each and every one of them.

Out of appreciation for Sullivan's unintentional promotion of their product, the company gave her a custom-made Dr. Pepper can-shaped birthday cake, accompanied by a crate full of classic glass bottles of Dr. Pepper.

Credit: Happy Place | CBS/DFW

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