A 6-Year-Old Took The Instructions On His Math Test A Little Too Literally

This had me rolling around in my chair. Redditor irishchck14 is a proud mom who recently had fellow Redditors in stitches after she posted her 6-year-old son's absolutely priceless response to a question on a math test online. Her son answered the first question correctly, but when he's asked "How do you know? Show your thinking." as a follow-up, he takes it just a little too literally and draws a doodle of himself deep in thought about the correct answer!

Here's the actual picture of the test.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the face he made? He could have made a smiley face, but that wouldn’t be true to the gritty reality of having to make the hard choices he faced.

The mother says she will be hanging the test on the fridge.

This kid is my hero.

Via: Boredpanda

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