A 74-Year-Old Man Woke Up To Find This Scene From A Horror Movie Waiting At His Garage

It's the season for decking your house in great big spiders, spider webs and all manners of creepy-crawlies. But, there is always someone who takes it just a little bit too far. Like this…

No big deal, right? Except that this terrifying Halloween decoration was not put there by the homeowner. Nope. An actual spider thought it would be hilarious to use Halloween as an excuse to be an absolute horror.


Homeowner Russell Harding, a 74-year-old man from Colerne, Wiltshire in England, was greeted with this terrorist blocking his garage. A brave man, Harding actually moved the spider and its web to safety. I would have moved to a new house and never looked back.


Shame on you, spider. Shame on you.

Credit: Elite Daily 

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