A Baby Baboon Lost His Mother. What Happens Next Shows That Animals Can Be Brave Too

Photographer Evan Schiller and his wife Lisa Holzwarth love big cats. They advocate for the conservation of these animals, and other animals around the world, in their writing and photography. Last spring, the duo was on a game drive in northern Botswana’s Selinda area when they witnessed something amazing. While photographing the landscape, a large troop of baboons came charging through the brush, disrupting two nearby lionesses. The following events stunned the couple. 

One brave baboon tried to make a run for it, but unfortunately was caught by this lioness. Moments later, the photographers noticed a baby baboon slowly detaching itself from its mother’s underside. 

They expected the worst as the helpless baby stood before the lioness. 

Amazingly, she didn’t harm him.

She was curious about the baby, and examined him gently. He was injured and scared. 


The lioness carefully picked him up in her mouth and settled over him in the grass, determined to keep the little guy safe. 

The baby baboon nuzzled into his new caretaker, not recognizing the potential danger. 

This was an interesting twist in the story, but the best part was still to come. 

Young male lions tried to get a look at the baby baboon, but lioness stopped their advances. 

In the confusion, the baby baboon’s father rushed in and grabbed his son. He had been waiting for a rescue opportunity in a nearby tree. 


His plan worked. He snatched the little baboon away from the lioness and brought his baby back to its home in the trees. 

After rescuing his baby, he made his way back to the rest of his troop. A little while later, the photographers saw the baby baboon safely nestled in his father’s arms. It’s amazing that the lioness helped to make this rescue possible. Share this unbelievable story with your friends and family. 

Credit: National Geographic

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