A Bowling Alley Threw This Old Lane In The Garbage, But Now It Has New Life As Something Unexpected.

DIY home renovation can come in all shapes and sizes. From replacing an outlet to building a home theater, an eager hobbyist can do just about anything with a little help from the internet and a few trips to the hardware store. Not only do DIY projects offer a sense of accomplishment, they also frequently save quite a bit of money, especially if you get creative. This homeowner found the inspiration and parts for a show-stopping kitchen island at a local bowling alley.

The finished product is beautiful and professional-looking.

You'd never guess that it started life as a discarded section of bowling lane.

No longer useful to the alley, an intrepid home handyman began preparing it for a new life.

It had its share of damage and wear, but the grain of the pine is still beautiful.

If you've ever wondered what the underside of a lane looks like, there are a lot of nails.

The elements interceded at times, but that didn't stop this determined individual.


Nor did the splits, cracks, and glue.

Heavy lag screws didn't even slow this guy down.

He broke out the power tools and set about cleaning up this old hunk of junk.

Some of the screws proved simple to find.

Others attempted to evade removal.

But eventually, all were found. 

There were many areas which needed some loving care.


The finish proved especially challenging to remove...

That is, until a custom-built router "sled" allowed the craftsman and his daughter to easily tackle this tedious process.

As the project moved forward, the true beauty of the wood was ever more visible, and the work was really starting to pay-off.

The cleaned-up parts were reattached.

The newly varnished surface was installed onto a clever set of legs made from iron pipes and sourced from a hardware store.

The final product features a gas range, industrial stools and little touches, like pin markers, that lets everyone know – this countertop has a story behind it.

Credit: Imgur

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