A British University Is Getting Some Help From Furry Friends To Relieve Stress Among Students

May 12, 2015

Saying that 'school is stressful' could possibly be the biggest understatement ever heard among students. Transitioning from being solely dependent upon their parents to learning how to become an independent young adult only adds to the daily stress of trying to juggle school, work and a social life.

James Brooks
Fortunately, one school understands this and is offering students a not-so-uncommon therapeutic method for relieving stress.

Puppy Room
The University of Lancashire’s student union SOS (Stressed Out Students), located in the U.K., has started a puppy campaign.


Acadia University Puppy Room

David Shaffner
By providing puppies that have been selected to be trained as guide dogs, this idea is not only beneficial for the students, but this helps the puppies with their training as well.

The Puppy Room at Dalhousie University

The University of Lancashire did stress that the puppies are top priority and to prevent them from being overwhelmed, the puppies will get regular breaks. The Puppy Room will be by appointment only, with all donations going directly to the Guide Dogs Charity.

CTV News
You can find out more about the Stressed Out Students campaign on their Facebook page.


Via: Bored Panda | Puppy Room S.O.S.

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