A Broke Father Built This Crib For His Infant Son 30 Years Ago. I Couldn't Believe Where It Is Today

Family traditions are often started in the most unusual ways. Sometimes it’s difficult to trace a tradition back to its roots, but this is one that has been documented for the world to see.

This tradition began thirty years ago, when a young couple immigrated to America from Poland. When they were expecting a baby, they had little savings and no jobs, so they decided to make use of what they had. Instead of purchasing a new crib, this man built one for his newborn son.

Fast forward 30 years, and now the son who grew up in that crib is expecting his first child. In a unique labor of love, he decided to carry on his father’s tradition, making a crib that is truly one-of-a-kind. 

The original crib was built using only a few pieces of pine and a chainsaw.

Not much was left from the original crib after 30 years.

So, the son decided to use it as a template.

He began by cutting out the pieces.

Then, he sanded them down.


Next, it was time to assemble. 

One side is finished.

The new and old, side-by-side. Looks perfect.

Time to build the attachments.

He started by adding the bottom rockers.

A faithful companion keeps him company.

Cutting the pieces wasn’t too difficult with this electric saw. 

But shaping and sanding were time-consuming jobs. 


Looking good. Almost done.

The side pieces were then glued together.

And everything fit perfectly. 

Almost done...

The finished product, and the proud father-to-be.

A timeless photo of father and son.

His father sure is proud. 

Credit: Diply | Leesburgcapsfan

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