A Canadian Man Who Disappeared In 2012 Was Just Found In The Amazon Jungle

In a story that seems like it's straight out of a Hollywood movie (and will likely be turned into one soon), a Canadian man who had been missing since 2012 was found in the middle of the jungle. Read on to learn more.

A Canadian man who vanished five years ago was recently found over 6,500 miles away in the Amazon jungle.

39-year-old Anton Pilipa disappeared from his home in Vancouver back in 2012. He was finally reunited with his brother Stefan in Manau, Brazil.

Anton had no identification or money when he was found, and had been surviving by scrounging through trash for food and clothes and relying on the kindness of strangers.

After trekking across two continents, he was spotted by a Canadian-born Brazilian cop, who was able to track down his family with the help of some international agencies.


Anton's family had nearly given up hope before they received a call just before Christmas.

The family says that Anton suffers from mental illness, which is likely the cause behind his disappearance. Anton is safely back in Canada now, and being cared for by his brother. Despite the trauma he's endured, Stefan says Anton is doing "remarkably well."

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H/T: 9gag

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