A Church In Chicago Was Converted Into One Of The Most Amazing Homes You've Ever Seen

Aside from being places of worship, churches are also some of the most beautiful structures. While they're being actively used for religious purposes, it can be hard to appreciate a church as more than that. But, when you think about it, the high ceilings, the open and flowing space and the gorgeous stained glass are all hallmarks of a beautiful building. So, what do you do with such a space when it is no longer being used as a church? You turn it into an incredible house.

While it might be a little odd to think about living inside of a church, the pictures below will show you just what can be achieved when converting an old church into a home. This particular church, in Chicago, was converted by Linc Thelen Design and Scrafano Architects. It will soon become the home of your dreams.

From the outside, it doesn't look particularly different. It looks like your typical church, in fact.

Even the entryway has kept traces of its origin. But, as the floors might suggest, this is no longer a place of worship.

It has become a 5,500-square-foot home, with amazingly high ceilings and a modern decor.


The minimalistic feel of the interior really works with the old, stained glass. And just look at that fireplace.

Imagine the beautiful, golden light coming in through the glass. It would make for a great time in the kitchen.

Built to house a family of five, the home has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. Remember: a church isn't exactly a small space.

This looks like a great setting for a dinner party.

Thanks to its former purpose, every room in the home has its own feel. This particular bedroom is on the second floor.


And don't forget the bathrooms. Simply gorgeous with their modern look.

This one, in particular, is just beautiful. The color of the fixtures works perfectly on the white tile.

This bathroom has a more vintage feel, with what looks like part of an old bathtub functioning as the sink.

And, finally, we have the best room of all. Intended for children (though they probably shouldn't use it unsupervised), it comes complete with a rock climbing wall. Who wouldn't want to try that out?

So, what do you think? Pretty incredible, right? Whether you go to church or not, this is one that anyone can truly enjoy.

Via: TwistedSifter | Jim Tschetter | Linc Thelen Design | Scrafano Architects

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