A Clever Way To Store Used Plastic Bags

If you’re like most people, you probably have a kitchen drawer filled to the brim with used grocery bags. You always tell yourself that you’re going to get it cleaned out, but the pile seems to get bigger every time you take a trip to the grocery store. Before you know it, you have a year’s worth of plastic bags in your drawer and no space to store anything useful. There are many ways you can reuse plastic bags, but if you just want to keep them around without all the clutter, then the following solution will do the trick.

All you need is a used tissue box and a bunch of old plastic bags. Once you’ve gathered all the materials, carefully place each plastic bag inside the box. You’ll then need to loop each plastic bag together to create a chain that extends out of the box's opening — this will allow you to pull out a bag when you need one. It might take a few tries to get them positioned correctly inside the tissue box, but it gets easier after the third or fourth try. You can store up to twenty large plastic bags using this method, which is great if you’re trying to clean out an entire cabinet’s worth of bags.

The video below explains all the steps in detail and shows you what the final result looks like once you’ve successfully arranged all the plastic bags. Over 15 million people have viewed this video on Facebook, so chances are you’ll find it incredibly useful.

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After shopping the plastic bags just pile up. But with this clever trick, you’ll finally gain control of the situation.

Posted by Cleverly on Thursday, April 7, 2016

H/T: Cleverly

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