A Couple Converts A Flatbed Truck Into An Amazing, Tiny Home

Here's another installment for those of you who truly enjoy the tiny home movement. It's been sweeping the world, as more and more people realize the true expense of purchasing and maintaining large homes and choose to build their own, smaller homes instead. Some of them are in fixed locations, while others, like this one, are totally mobile. Check it out.

A couple in New Zealand, named Alex and Hannah, purchased a 1986 Hino Flatbed Truck and decided to convert it into an incredible mobile home.

It took a total of about $20,000, and what you see here ended up becoming a two-bedroom home, full of all of the necessary comforts.

They first had to weld a framework onto the truck bed.

They repainted the truck and completed the outer structure with wood.

They added windows and a nice finish to give the outside a great look.


It took about a year and a half of work, but the finished product looks awesome.

There is a wood fireplace, storage space and a stove, oven and shower that all run on gas.

Look at that cozy couch.

And don't forget the breakfast nook.

This is the entrance to the master bedroom, slightly blocked off for privacy.

And here's the guest bedroom, with plenty of natural light.


Alex and Hannah say that this fireplace keeps them completely comfortable in the colder months.

The wood beams on the ceiling add a very cozy and rustic touch.

Alex says that he wanted to use as much wood as possible, because he hated the idea of living inside of a plastic or metal box.

Looks like he definitely achieved that. It looks perfect next to this beautiful lake.

If you enjoy what you’ve seen in the pictures, check out this interview with Alex and Hannah, including a tour of the epic home.

Via: SlipTalk | The Smoking Tire

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