A Couple Transformed This Big Yellow School Bus Into A Cozy Home. Wait Until You See The Inside

Four years ago, when Mira and Jeremy Thompson bought a 1989 International school bus, you would never guess what kind of plans they had in store for it. At 37-feet long, it's plenty spacious and the couple set out to make the big yellow school bus into their charmingly cozy cottage.

Douglas Fir flooring, cedar shingles, reclaimed wood for the ceiling and other reclaimed building materials make their tiny home even more environmentally friendly.

This snug little kitchen has a full stove and fridge and plenty of space for cooking.


The interior is entirely re-done and decorated with flea market finds, keeping with the 1900s Craftsman style.

One of the huge wheel wells supports a love seat, the other supports a cast iron stove used to heat the home.

Rather than a lofted bed, Mira and Jeremy keep their bed on the ground floor, using the lofted space above it for a reading and relaxing nook.

It's in this lofted space that Jeremy can play his guitar, letting the natural acoustics of the wood paneled ceiling carry the sound.


The lights, the plants and the curved Moroccan doorways give the home a gentle, natural feel.

The stove was special ordered to fit from Amana, but the 1959 Frigidaire refrigerator fit perfectly. Both use propane to simplify utilities.

Credit: Tiny House for Us

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