A Dad And Daughter Saw Something Strange In Their Backyard. This Is What They Found Hiding There

When dad-and-daughter duo Phillip and Alice went out to enjoy a nice afternoon in their backyard, in Princeton, New Jersey, they were shocked to find some surprise visitors dropping by. They took a closer look and, fortunately, captured it all on camera.

A den of baby foxes was hanging out and enjoying the spring day, too.

They were taking naps in the sunshine.

And exploring all the leaves, rocks and logs that finally appeared after the snow had melted.

They didn't seem nervous about Phillip and Alice.


They all looked healthy, so it's likely that their mother was out hunting for their dinner.

Foxes are found all around North America and are not an uncommon sight in New Jersey.

Their breeding cycle usually produces four or five cubs around March and April.

It's likely that the foxes were born in an underground den somewhere in or near the yard.

Phillip and Alice were careful to observe the cubs from a distance and never touch them.


A good camera lens let them see the foxes up close in their incredible photos.

The distance let the foxes forget they were even being watched and, adorably, resume their playing.

Can you imagine finding something this cute in your backyard?

Credit: Little Things | Vanillakitty

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