A Dad Bought This 1920s Store From A Friend. After Restoring It, He Found The Coolest Thing Inside.

It would be an understatement to say that Redditor ArtfulAusten’s dad has an eye for antiques and a definite DIY flair. In his own words:

"So my dad bought this condemned property from a old friend of his a while back and started to rebuild it so that it was safe for him to live in. There were gigantic holes in the floor, stuff piled everywhere, and a solid inch of dust that coated everything inside. The old man who owned the place hadn’t even been upstairs in 40 years…. the place was falling apart. So my dad took it upon himself to rebuild it to its former glory, where it had done three decades of high traffic business to the local farmers. When my dad starts a project, he does it full-out. So he made sure that everything inside the museum is “new-old” stock, as he likes to call it, which means that they are not reproductions of any kind and (for this project) are all dated between the years 1929 to 1939. Everything inside the museum theoretically could have been sold at the store. He even included all the same brand names that the original store had once carried (acquired from local auctions, sales, and the occasional eBay purchase. He did all the collecting himself). The celling is made from pressed tin and hand painted (by me), the floor is painted instead of stained (like the original), the colors he used were all from swatches that he found in the room, and the counters and shelves are all in their original places. My dad has an insane ability to pay attention to detail."

Um....yes, yes he does.



For the time being, Dad is keeping it a private project although he does intend to eventually open it up to the public. After all, it's too amazing not to share with the world.

Credit: Reddit

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